How to Make a custom faceplate for your Xbox 360

by:ShunDing     2020-01-08
Want your Xbox to be your own?
For more information on how to create your own custom designed panel and make a statement, check out this tutorial.
You will need the original panel, drip cloth, painting in both colors, image print output, tape from acetate painter, precision knife or scissors " Bling& quot; Industrial-
Strong glue acrylic paint (optional)A paintbrush (optional)
* Read all instructions and warnings on spray cans.
If inhaled, the contents are flammable and dangerous. Use in well-
Ventilation areas and places not accessible to children.
Step 1: paint background color place the panel on the drip cloth in the wellVentilation area.
Spray the panel with the background color of your choice and let it dry.
Step 2: print an image for your panel and cut out a copy of the image you want on the panel and tape it with acetate.
This process will work with an image that can be drawn with a solid color.
Additional features can be manual
Paint with acrylic paint if you prefer detailed pictures.
Step 3: cut out the area of the image with a precise knife or scissors the area of the image you want to have on the panel.
Acetate fiber will be used as a template.
Step 4: Place the template on the panel, place the template on the panel with adhesive tape, and fix the template tightly in place with adhesive tape.
Step 5: Paint the cut and remove the template paint cut using the second paint color.
Remove the template and tape immediately and be careful not to stain the newly drawn image.
Allow the paint to dry.
Step 6: Apply glue on \"bling\" and apply any additional \"bling\" on the panel \".
This may include metal nails, rhinestones, beads, paper, fabric, plastic spiders or stickers. s.
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