Indians dominate on another good day at CWG

by:ShunDing     2019-12-16
India dominated the scope and competition of the competition, Sri Asisi Singh\'s double trap gold medal increased the number of medals, while the entire Indian men\'s boxing team participated in the semi-finals
The final will ensure that the podium ends on the seventh day of the 21 Commonwealth Games held on Gold Coast on Wednesday with an unprecedented performance.
In the total number of medals, India ranked third with 12 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 8 bronze medals, with a total of 24 so far.
Once wrestlers start their sport on Thursday and boxing medals are finalized in the next two days, the figure is expected to increase significantly.
The Belmont shooting center in Brisbane is still a happy hunting ground for Indian shooters, and for the fourth consecutive day the country has won a medal to celebrate.
Shreyasi, Silver
Version 2014 medallist beat Australian Emma Cox in a shooting match
Improve the color of her medal from last time.
At the 21 Commonwealth Games, India continued to seek track and field medals, with high jumpers Tejaswin Shankar and quartermiler Hima Das taking sixth place in their respective competitions. The 19-year-
Tejaswin, the old national record holder, was unable to clear 2.
27 m in three games trying to win the podium.
The athletes in Delhi jumped twice.
Last month, he won a 28-meter gold medal at the Confederations Cup national championship, but he was not involved.
Tejaswin starts with 2.
He cleared 18 metres in his second attempt and sailed 2 metres. 21m-
Comfortable high bar.
Then he cleaned it up.
The first attempt was 24 m but stuck at 2.
India\'s track and field team was disappointed by 27 metres.
In the women\'s 400 m final, Hima achieved another 51 m personal best.
32 seconds, but it is enough for the sixth place.
Hima and Kenya\'s fifth Maximila Imali punched at the same time, but Indians had to rank sixth at the end of the photo.
Amantle Montsho of Botswana won the gold medal for £ 50.
14 seconds while Anastasia Le in Jamaica-Roy (50. 57)
Stephanie McPherson (50. 93).
In the women\'s long jump, Nayana James and Nayna walaquir entered the final with ninth and 12 places respectively in the qualifying round.
Naana cleared 6 points.
34 m, the second attempt was to get fourth place in Group B, while Neena did her best to score 6 points.
End in Group A\'s sixth place.
Clear 6 people.
60 metres or at least 12 of the best-performing players qualify for the final.
In qualifying, only four players exceeded six. 60m.
Na\'s best result of the season is 6 points.
51 m, she won the gold medal at the Confederations Cup national championship last month, while Nina has the best 6 m of the season.
She managed 42 m in the February Jakarta Asian Games test.
2015 World Championship silver medalist, England\'s salad Procter qualified for the final with the best effort of £ 6.
The current world season leader, Canada\'s kristibel Neti, is second in six points. 79m.
The women\'s long jump final will be held on Thursday.
Defending champions deepkar palicar and joshner chinpa advanced to the top eight women\'s doubles at the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday.
Chinappa and Pallikal beat Malta\'s Dianne Kellas and Colette Sultana in 11 consecutive games to win the draw5, 11-6.
Earlier, the third seed began proceedings against Tesni Evans and Deon Saffery in Wales.
They won the first game.
But it failed for the second time-11.
However, the two used their own experience to finish the game in style and won the third match 11-Eight in 10 minutes.
They beat Pakistan\'s Fazia Zafar and Madina Zafar in Tuesday\'s first group match.
Pallikal and Chinappa won three games.
In the mixed doubles draw, Chinappa and Harinder Pal Sandhu passed through Lisa Aitken and Kevin Moran\'s Scottish partner 11-10, 11-8.
In the men\'s doubles, Vikram Malhotra and Ramit Tandon\'s No. 11 seed combo beat Peter Creed and Joel Makin 11-7, 8-11, 11-10.
The indomitable M. C. Mary Kom (48kg)
Rushed into the final to win India\'s first Commonwealth Games gold medal in women\'s boxing, while Vikas Krishan (75kg)
Join the other two in the men\'s semi-finals. finals. Five-
World champion and bronze medal in Olympic Games
Mary Kom beat a defender in Sri Lanka
Her debut at the Olympic Games brought about a clash at the summit.
Among them, Gaurav Solanki\'s debut duo (52kg)
And the kashik of Manish (60kg), world bronze-
Vicas secured a medal in the semi-final.
This brings the total number of male boxers participating in the medal round to 8, with an activity success rate of 100, an increase of 1 compared to the best performance of 2010 CWG. Fit-
Similarly, the top seed p v Sindhu led the charge as Indian badminton players entered the pre-
The Commonwealth Games were held on Wednesday in Gold Coast.
Sindehu sitting outside the gold
Winning the team because of an ankle injury took only 18 minutes to surpass Andra Whiteside 21-Fiji-6, 21-
In her first game
\"It was easy today.
I hope to continue doing so tomorrow.
I became better and totally fine, so it was really exciting, \"she said, and thanked the crowd for their strong support to make her feel at home in a foreign country.
The second seed, san na Newal, was exhausted by the participation of the entire team, but it took only 18 minutes to send Elsie De Villier 21-in South Africa-3, 21-
One of the 32 people in Kalala sports and leisure center.
Olympic Games bronze
Medallist is as sharp as her best time and shows no sign of exhaustion in the game.
\"It\'s been a long week.
I just want to focus on the game and enjoy it.
More importantly, I have been playing at this stadium.
\"You get used to this when you play somewhere for a week or two, so I think that\'s what happened,\" she said . \".
Ruthivika Gadde also made sure she finished the game in 18 minutes to 21-5, 21-7 triumph.
Kidambi Srikanth was also very clinical in the men\'s draw because he was 21-13, 21-10.
\"It was a good game and a good start to personal events.
\"I\'m really happy about the way it\'s going, and I want to keep doing that,\" he said . \".
Just like their dominant performance in team matches, Indian badminton players are expected to sweep through the various events.
Ankul Mittal won the bronze medal in the 21 Commonwealth Games men\'s double-trap project held on Wednesday, adding to the medal boom in the Indian shooting team. The 26-year-
The old marksman finished third with 53 points in the Belmont Shooting Center final.
Mohammed Assab, another Indian striker of six
The men\'s final was fourth, climbing down from the bronze medal he won at the Glasgow Olympics a few years ago.
David Mike math of Sutter won the gold medal in 74 games, while the silver medal was won by Tim Carney (70)of Isle of Man.
The experienced James Willett was the first to be eliminated.
Mittal won silver at the World Championships in Moscow last year, silver and gold at the ISSF World Cup, and ranked fifth with 133 in qualifying.
He ranked fifth in 2014 games.
Asab shooting 137 into shooting-
Take the qualification exam with McMath before getting second place.
Shreyasi Singh took the courage to make some good shots at the 21 Commonwealth Games on Wednesday, winning the women\'s double-trap gold medal. The 26-year-
Old Delhi girl shot 96 in the final and beat Australian Emma Cox 2 in 1-
Get off at the Belmont Shooting Center.
Another Indian competitor in the field, Varsha Varman, ranked fourth with 86 points.
The bronze medal was handed over to Linda Pearson of Scotland, who was 87 points ahead of Varsha, who was once third. The 26-year-
So old shiliya made some progress on her silver medal --
He won the Glasgow Olympics four years ago.
Shreyasi was in second place after three rounds and Varsha was in third place.
Recently, she won a silver medal in the double-trap program at the 2017 Commonwealth Shooting Championship.
His grandfather and father served at the Indian Rifle Association. NRAI)
As its president, he represented the country at 2010 Delhi Commonwealth movement, but failed to win a medal. The Delhi-
Born Shreyasi won a personal silver medal in Glasgow\'s double trap, followed by a bronze medal at 2014 Asian Games in Incheon.
The results of the ongoing competition ensure that experienced shooters win the elusive gold medal.
India\'s top padd hand, Sharath Kamal, survived a huge panic over the world\'s number one.
Javen Choong 488 of Malyaisa, 4-
Men\'s Singles 32 Round 3 people.
Sharas, who won the singles gold medal at 2006 Olympic Games in Melbourne, lost momentum after winning the first three games.
However, there is no world.
48 people did enough to beat Choong 11-2, 11-5, 11-4, 7-11, 11-13, 6-11, 11-7.
His doubles partner, G. Sathiyan, is also ahead of the singles draw. The world no.
46 Mohammed Ramez, who defeated Pakistan5, 11-3, 11-5, 11-3.
In the women\'s singles competition, Mu is 11-6, 11-1, 11-8, 11-
7 and madulica Pascal defeated the Rhine clock in Trinidad and Tobago 11-7, 14-12, 11-9, 11-2, 11-
9 to 16 rounds in advance.
In the men\'s doubles, Sharath and Sathiyan beat Tauramoa Miita and Nooa Takooa 3-0.
The Indian couple had no problem with their inexperienced opponents and clinched the matter convincingly2, 11-5, 11-6.
Hammet Desai and Sani beat Gemma Britton and Christopher Franklin of Guyana6, 11-5, 11-
In another 32-man doubles match
In women\'s doubles, Puga sahasrabudhu and Mukherjee Suthirtha defeated the execution of Ruqayyah Kinoo and Sanjana Ramasawmy in Mauritius --3, 11-4, 11-4.
In mixed doubles, the pair of experienced Das and Sharath beat Sirisena Rohan and madurangi Ishara 11-in Sri Lanka-6, 4-11, 11-9, 11-
Even if Sathiyan and Manika Batra had a comfortable win against Malaysia 11-117, 11-8, 13-11.
Sanil and Madhurika are also registered for 11-5, 11-8, 11-
The month beat Jayasingha Mudiyanselage Buwaneka and Warusawithana Erandi Sri Lanka.
However, the combination of sahasrabudhu Pooja and Desai Harmeet went to Choong and Lyne Karen 6-in Malaysia-11, 6-11, 11-3, 9-11.
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