Inspiring! How a water tank driver became Mr Asia 2016

by:ShunDing     2019-12-21
The 25-year-old alakrishna drove a water tanker through the bustling streets of ruwhitefield, Bangladesh.
He kindly called it the Ramanjay water supply system.
As I walked up to him he welcomed me to his little well with a smile
He works as a coach in the gym every morning.
Before they get a shelf full of awards and medals, one might not really guess who the gentleman is.
The shining medals and trophies were impressive. -48-
Karnataka time Open champion, 4-
Mr. Shresta Karnataka has won Mr. India for more than seven years and has won the prestigious title of Bharath Udai;
Balakrishna is not just an ordinary person in Silicon City.
Recently, he won the title of Mr. Asia 2016 in the Philippines, thus increasing his collection.
More than 150 men and 100 women participated in the competition, which is an Asian competition.
National Fitness Championship
Multiple photo frames at the Balakrishna gym pay tribute to his seven-year journey.
When he was 17, he fell in love with Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The star\'s role in the film inspired him at a very critical stage.
An excited and motivated Balakrishna read the actor\'s profile and found his purpose.
He followed Schwarzenegger\'s regime and journey and began to work towards his goal.
Born and raised in a middle-class family, Balakrishna lives in Varthur with his elderly mother.
His late father was a BMW bus driver.
Shortly after his father\'s death, his mother took over the task of supporting his family and began farming.
Balakrishna experienced hardships early in his life, and he always wanted to chase his passion and let his mother live a comfortable life.
\"My mother\'s support for me is enormous;
She\'s my pillar.
From small to large, she has always supported my dream, no matter how big the dream is, no matter how small the dream is.
Balakrishna said with a smile: \"The reason why I am who I am today is only because of her, I have dedicated this new title to her . \".
He recently hosted the annual Asian championship in the Philippines with 13 countries and more than 250 participants.
Each of these bodybuilders represents their country in different categories.
Unfortunately, India did not have any female representation at this event, but the country did see a representation of two male bodybuilders and Balakrishna was one of them. The two-
During the game of the day, participants were judged on qualities such as strength, endurance, figure, confidence and body.
Balakrishna\'s coach, Munish Kumar of Punjab and Sangram of Pune, has been firmly supporting him during his journey.
\"My coaches are all former bodybuilders.
They are passionate about the sport and see my journey as their own.
Although the two of them came from different cities, they effectively followed my regime.
We keep in touch with Skype using Whatsapp.
\"They come to see me sometimes,\" Balakrishna said . \".
Speaking of the exposure foreign athletes have received from their government in this area, he said, \"bodybuilding as a profession has not yet gained importance in our country.
Most of my contestants come from places where the sport has been established and taken seriously enough.
The infrastructure they have is very different from the infrastructure we have.
But I am hopeful that our country will support the coming talent in the near future.
\"Two hours of exercise in the morning and three hours of exercise in the evening are at the heart of the Balakrishna schedule.
During these gym workouts, he was a coach driving his waterwheel.
His diet plan is very strict, including 750 GM chicken, 25 proteins, 200 gm boiled vegetables, and 300 GM rice. A glass of fruit salad, two scoops of oat protein.
\"My mom made sure I followed the system every day.
\"She went out of her way to bring all this to my desk,\" he said . \".
Alakrishna fell asleep every day with the dream of winning the glory of the country.
Although his enthusiasm and interest are personal, many people support him during his journey.
He is from a family with limited financial capacity and it is difficult to manage finance and daily expenses.
While the Karnataka government and the Indian sports federation have not made any significant contributions so far, many in the city have helped him realize his dreams.
From his friends and family to the amateur bodybuilding association in Karnataka, Balakrishna\'s dream has never been his own.
During the period from 2013 to 2014, most of his expenses were paid by the Whitefield rising Association.
In 2013, Koshy Varghese, a well-known Bengaluru veteran, supported his dream of Mr. Universe.
Balakrishna is now preparing for the Mr Universe competition, which will take place on November.
He also plans to set up a huge gym to train the upcoming bodybuilders in person and meet their needs to bring fame to the country.
For the past seven years, what keeps him going is his passion and the passion to leave his legacy behind.
So far, Balakrishna has turned each of his dreams into a living fact with his perseverance and timeless positive attitude.
During my one-hour conversation with him, my respect for the 25-year-old athlete has increased a lot.
When I walked out of the house after hearing his inspiring story, I could see the gentleman walking up to his tanker to perform another day\'s shift.
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