Kings Honored at LA Sports Awards

by:ShunDing     2019-12-20
Los Angeles (March 3, 2013 )--
The victory of the Los Angeles King Stanley Cup was nominated for the best sports moment of 2012 at the 8 th Los Angeles sports awards held by Beverly Hilton tonight.
The Kings beat New Jersey 4-2 in the final, their first title in 45 years. year history.
The Los Angeles Sports Association awards Los Angeles sports awards every year to celebrate the greatest moment of the year in Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Sports.
At other awards ceremonies, King\'s goalkeeper was awarded 2012 athletes of the year, gold medalist at the beach volleyball Olympics, Misti May-
Treenir and Kerry Walsh Jennings were named the best female athletes of the year.
King\'s Daryl Sutter won the coach of the year award and AEG President and CEO Tim levik won the best sports manager of the year award.
At the party, the top 10 moments of 2012, by a blue-
Ribbon Media panel combined with on-
Line fans voted in the order of ranking. They are:1.
The Kings won the trophy (June 11): The Kings won the first Stanley Cup by beating New Jersey in six games. 2.
Galaxy wins the United States Professional League Cup (December 1): Galaxy 3-
He won the second consecutive Major League Football Championship at Home Depot Center. 3.
Mike Trout won the best new show of the year (November 12): The Angel outfielder hit the ball.
Scored 326 points for 30 home runs and was named the league\'s best rookie. 4.
The Clippers won 17 consecutive victories (November 28-
December 30): The Clippers set the greatest winning streak in franchise history. 5.
Guggenheim\'s acquisition of the Dodgers (May 1): Guggenheim\'s baseball management bought the Dodgers for up to $2. 15 billion. 6.
Steve Nash and Dwight Howard joined the Lakers (July 4 and August 10): throughout the summer, the Lakers won two top NBA stars through a deal. 7.
Gold Rhode Island, who won the gold medal at her five consecutive Olympic Games (July 29): Rhode Island, from Monrovia, won the gold medal in the women\'s UFO competition, and became the first American athlete to win a medal in a personal or team project for five consecutive Olympic Games. 8.
University of California Los Angeles beat University of Southern California to win Pac
12 South football champion (November 17): Bruin defeated the Trojan horse, 38-
28, hold the Pac on the Rose Bowl-
Southern Championship. 9.
Clippers beat Memphis in the dramatic playoff series (May 13): Clippers Beat Grizzlies in 3 games in 4 games, 27 points behind in the first game and win Game 7 away10.
Allyson Felix sprints 3 gold medals in London (August 8, 10 th and 11 th): The Los Angeles native won the gold medal of 200 m, and become a member of the 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams.
TV will play the main tickets for the stars
Studded awards ceremony held at 9: 30 p. m. on Sunday, March 10 (followed by multiple broadcasts ).
During the celebration, 14 additional awards were also presented to each major local team and university in recognition of the greatest moments of 2012 for each team and universityFans vote.
The winning list will be published on the Sports Committee Website www on Monday, March 4. lasports. org.
\"Moment\" refers to anything that starts at a particular moment ---
Like a winning goal, hit or shoot--
A special event of personal or team record or professional achievement.
The moment of nomination must be done locally or with the participation of a local athlete or team. The L. A.
The Sports Council is a non-
The organization, and will use the proceeds of the event to further advance its mission to promote economic development through the Southern California sports.
For more information, please visit the Sports Council websitelasports. org.
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