meet winter olympic bronze medalist billy morgan, britain\'s most groundbreaking snowboarder

by:ShunDing     2020-01-01
Billy Morgan, a pioneering skier, became the first person in 2015 to gain the greatest skill yet in the sport-four cork 1800.
Morgan\'s push for the sport has always been within the reach of human possibilities, which has caused disagreement in the ski world.
Some appreciate his incredible athletic ability, while others lament the current gymnastics aspect of the sport.
Morgan took part in 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and ranked tenth in the first slopestyle competition, but after Pyeongchang joined big air, he was more likely to win Olympic medals, because it was his stronger discipline-Morgan won the bronze medal in the men\'s Snowboard Grand air final today, making him the first British man ski athlete to stand on the podium of the Winter Olympics.
Morgan was a talented acrobatic gymnast when he was a child. At the age of 14, he started an unusual skiing exercise. year-
He went to school in the dry slope of Southampton and did not ride in the snow until he was 18.
While Morgan began skiing, he also gave up gymnastics.
\"I quit structured gymnastics when I was 14, but it\'s always very experimental and crazy to continue with adult evening training,\" he said . \".
\"At the same time, I was learning snowboard and I loved it from the beginning.
\"In December 2011, Morgan first sat up and noticed the ski world while training in Brakenridge, Colorado.
After only four seasons in the snow, the 22-year-old boarded the world\'s first triple-crowned Post-rodeo 1260.
In doing so, he joined the elite club of one of the top riders and was able to make three spins.
British Olympian Ben Kilner took a video of his jump and watched it nearly 1 million times on YouTube.
Morgan gained confidence in his first three-game win.
In two seasons, Morgan won the first bronze medal in the World Cup podium in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 2013.
Billy Morgan\'s excellent physical and spatial awareness on the skis is usually attributed to his gymnastics background, but British team snowboard coach Hamish McKnight has a different view on it.
\"It\'s actually much deeper than that,\" McKnight said . \".
\"What Billy got from gymnastics was a promise of progress for progress, and he worked a little harder than everyone else in pursuing those goals.
The transfer of gymnastics only allowed him so far-he still needed to be a great skier to do what he did.
\"At the Sochi Olympics in 2014, Morgan was qualified for the slopestyle final, but a mistake on the railway made him lose his chance to win a medal.
Jenny Jones\'s bronze medal in women\'s slopstyle guarantees British sports funding in the next four games
The annual cycle, as well as the success of the entire sports to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Incorporate big air into the Pyeongchang 2018 program.
To compete in Sochi, Morgan postponed surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament tear, a decision that eventually caught up with him in the coming season.
In the spring of 2015, he made an appointment for knee surgery, but there was one thing he wanted to do before taking the surgeon\'s knife.
In a specially built jump in livignano, Italy, when Morgan boarded the world\'s first Sike 1800, his driving force was raised to a new level.
\"We tried to put all the pieces in the right place to get the puzzle together, and at that moment I thought it would be a very important fact, but it wasn\'t at all, says Hamish McKnight.
\"It\'s much bigger than we thought.
Because of the way Billy spins, at the end of the jump of 1620 to 1800 degrees, his head is upside down at his feet.
If he comes up for a short time, he will fall to the hospital on his head.
Fortunately, Morgan landed safely and then said, \"It\'s the greatest adrenaline, plus the greatest joy and relief.
You can\'t afford that feeling.
Strangely, however, his sense of accomplishment was lower than when he landed on triple cork in 2011.
\"I think three times my first back is a bigger thing.
It feels really cool because I have joined a professional driver club that can do three times as much.
It\'s a very strange feeling that only I did it-somehow it\'s not worth it.
\"Later that year, a super
Marcus Keland, a genius from Norway, also made a square Cork during training.
Last season he became the first person to use this skill in the game at 2017 Aspen X-Games Big Air.
However, this technique is not without its critics, and some feel that it opens Pandora\'s box, where gymnastics is superior to style and elegance.
\"Most snowboard communities don\'t respect me as a group of four,\" Morgan said . \".
\"Obviously it ruined their skis and they hated it because they had nothing else to do.
\"Morgan spent the summer of 2015 at the rehabilitation center after the ACL repair was successful, and when he heard that the IOC had joined the big air at 2018 Olympic Games, he got a boost.
As McKnight said: \"When you are the one who has done the biggest and most dangerous snowboard race in the world, and then they put this training into the Olympics, you will be very excited.
\"The IOC has taken unusual steps to combine the quota points of slopstyle and big air, so all the riders selected for Pyeongchang will be in both events
\"These two subjects are not that far away,\" McKnight said . \".
\"But you can be slightly less consistent in the big air and have more tricks.
Billy is the best chance in big air, but if he is able to perform his best tricks in slopstyle, he can also do well.
\"Given the Olympics, Morgan is trying to manage his level of risk in training.
\"The qualification process for the Olympics went smoothly, so I didn\'t want to push anything forward.
It sucks because I like to do random things, but if it\'s not good for my performance in Pyeongchang then I won\'t do it because I don\'t want to do it myself.
Morgan, 28, admitted he began to feel like a senior politician on the tour.
\"I have no confidence in this game, but I have experience and I hope it will help me.
The fire is still burning to get the job done, but it\'s a little hard, especially when you\'re old and everything hurts.
Nevertheless, Morgan is satisfied with the curriculum design of the Olympic Games.
\"The jump would be great and that\'s good-the more broadcast time the better for me.
In some World Cup matches you will see that people have a lot of reservations for running, but none of them are available in Pyeongchang.
Everyone will send it.
\"No one has ever accused Morgan of retreating in skiing or in general life, and at the Olympics, wealth favors the brave and he will not be found lacking.
McKnight made the best summary of Morgan\'s personality: \"Billy has a very good attitude towards skill acquisition, and he has a bit of a mental problem.
When you combine these things together, you get a great skier.
\"Canadian Mark McMorris is an important contender for Pyeongchang, provided he can recover from a major crash in Whistler last season.
Other notable is Marcus Cleland from Norway, who was named rookie of the year in 2017;
Stale Sandbech, also from Norway, is the silver medalist of Sochi\'s 2014 slopstyle and the current champion of the world aviation competition;
Kadkadono from Japan was the first to land 1980 of four Cork and was particularly strong in the air.
The interview was conducted by Swiss International Airlines at the British Championship in Laax, Switzerland.
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