personalized custom dog tags - not just for soldiers anymore

by:ShunDing     2020-01-11
Although there are several Dog Tag formats existing in the world, what we are most familiar with is the US Army dog tag format.
They list last name, name, Social Security number (
Original service number)
Blood type and religion
Printed on a small oval sheet of metal on a metal chain worn around the neck. The U. S.
The army was the first branch to authorize the identification of labels in Order No. Of the War Department
The date is 204 of December 20, 1906.
On July 6, 1916, the Army changed the rules and now all soldiers have been put on two ID cards-
One left on the body and the other went to the person in charge of the funeral for filing --
Maintain purpose.
After World War II, the US Navy Division adopted the same dog tag used by the US Army and the Air Force, which resulted in a single size and shape becoming the standard of the United States today.
During World War II, when soldiers often give dog cards to their loved ones before deployment or when dating, civilians will first wear dog cards and like the tradition of high school or university very much, wear a letterman jacket or a school ring for your girlfriend.
Moreover, in the 1950 s, when concerns about possible nuclear war with the Soviet Union peaked, it was rumored that, in the event of war, students at all public schools in New York City are labeled dogs to identify them.
In recent years, wearing dog cards has entered the fashion that the younger generation likes through a style originally known as \"military fashion.
Initially, they were worn as part of a fake costume.
Teenagers and college students want to come up with a military uniform style of a tough or militaristic image, after which the dog brand has taken a prominent position in a wider fashion circle and has also been welcomed by celebrities such as movies, rock stars and athletes.
Labels can be engraved with personal details of a person, feelings for a loved one, their beliefs or tastes, favorite quotes, or may have the name and/or logo of a pop band or performer.
Just like its military cousin for the longest time, identification tags used to help find lost pets are stamped or embossed on metal blanks, these metal blanks are more or less limited by the limited amount of information prohibited by the relief size for stamping the letters used by the machine on the label.
In recent years, new materials such as silica gel, non-ferrous metals and plastics, and methods of machine or laser engraving have spawned a range of interesting, new shapes, colors, and engraving methods for new materials that make old stamped labels obsolete.
The days of Boxy have passed, sometimes with uneven intervals of letters on silver or gold
Only limited colored metal blanks-
The size of a circle or oval.
In addition to the reflective options of red, green, orange, purple, and even like holographic silver, the label now becomes the face of the heart, paw print, dog or cat, dog house.
It\'s even possible to find things like Skull and crossbones, dog bones, suitcases, stars, t-
Shirt and Liberty Bell.
Now anyone can buy personalized id dog tags and can include any type of custom information or design.
New laser engraving custom dog cards, carved in cold white to get huge eyes --
Contrast of color.
A modern dog or me. D.
As a way to track soldiers, the label has apparently gone a long way from their humble beginnings.
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