Phil Neville: Everton buckling under top-four pressure

by:ShunDing     2019-12-19
Manchester United coach Phil Neville believes Everton are starting to collapse under pressure to qualify for the Champions League.
Neville will return to Goodison Park on Sunday for the first time since he left Everton to join Manchester United defender David Moyes.
As part of the famous \"level 92\", Neville, after entering the youth team and before joining Everton in 2005, continued to enjoy 10 years of success at Manchester United.
Neville has become the captain of the team and a favorite of the Merseyside club fans, but there is no doubt where his true loyalty is.
Former England left-
The back is united, so he won\'t shed tears if the Red Devils win on Sunday, which he thinks could be a fatal blow to Taffy\'s Champions League dream.
Neville thinks Everton 3-
Two defeats against Crystal Palace on Wednesday showed that they were struggling to cope with the demands of being touted as serious top --four contender.
\"Everton is the team that controls their own destiny, but it\'s a different kind of pressure when you have to go there and win the game, so Everton are now under that pressure, Neville told BBC Football Focus.
\"You saw it in the game against Crystal Palace.
\"Can they bear it when the pressure is on them? They must win the game . \" We know we have to win, but it\'s a lot of pressure for Everton to beat us.
We can enjoy the opportunity there.
\"At this stage of the season, if you miss the game, it\'s hard to recover from the game, and we hope that the same is true for Everton.
\"Neville is obviously not in the mood to be interviewed before the Merseyside match on Sunday afternoon. Full front-
Two months ago, as he struggled out of the dressing room in Athens, he had the most melancholy expression on his face
The defeat of 0 to Olympiakos and Liverpool and Manchester City will only make him more painful this season.
Neville has won six Premier League titles in Manchester United\'s decade, and he is part of the team that lifted the Champions League on Barcelona\'s most dramatic night.
Therefore, the victory against Villa and Newcastle, and a brave defeat with Bayern Munich in the Champions League, did not help Neville\'s spirit.
\"When you enter this stage of the season, it is very strange for this group and this football club to withdraw from all competitions and not challenge the trophy.
\"There is a very empty feeling, there is a feeling of emptiness in my stomach,\" he told MUTV . \".
\"When I joined, I thought we would challenge the trophy.
The group is used to winning trophies and medals after the last championship, European Cup or FA Cup of the season and marching on the court.
\"This is where the emptiness comes from and it will be with us until we win the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Capital Cup or the European Cup again.
\"This is the whole point of this club --
Win the trophy
This is not to qualify for second, third or fourth place and the Champions League.
We must win the league and win the trophy.
The boss knows this and he wants to do it himself.
\"While Moyes has struggled in Manchester United\'s first season, his successor has spent an unforgettable debut on the M62 road 35 miles.
The statement that this year was a transitional year for Everton soon disappeared, once the club and Martinez were as tightly tied together as gloves.
Everton have played some of the best football in the league this year under the Spaniard\'s leadership, and despite the Palace defeat, they are still four points behind.
Put Arsenal in a position to face Hull at 2: 05 p. m. on Sunday.
According to Neville, united with former Everton striker Wayne Rooney will not struggle with motivation, although some think their season is over.
\"We want to win all the rest of the game,\" Neville said, who scored 386 goals for Manchester United.
\"This is the challenge we have for the players.
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