Reports: Russian curler who won bronze medal in Pyeongchang is suspected of doping

by:ShunDing     2019-12-17
According to a number of media reports on Sunday, Russian curator Alexander crushnizki failed in the drug test and may lose the bronze medal he won in the mixed test
The doubles of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea.
It is reported that Krushelnytsky tested positive for meldonium, which has been in the world.
The list of harmful substances for doping has been in January 20.
The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the Pyeongchang delegation acknowledged that a Russian athlete had failed in a drug test, but the delegation did not confirm a specific athlete.
According to an unnamed source, the New York Times reported that the athlete was crekschnitsky.
Crexie nitzki won the bronze medal in the mixed race
Curling with his wife, Anna stancia britzgarova.
The couple won a third place in the victory over Norway, and Reuters quoted an anonymous source released on Sunday as saying if Krushelnytsky\'s drug test failed to be confirmed by sample B, norway will win the bronze medal.
\"The news came after a nationwide doping scandal in Russia, which the Chinese government denies, but the International Olympic Committee led about 160 Russians in Pyeongchang to compete in the name of \"Russian Olympic athletes. or OAR).
The athletes are not allowed to compete under the Russian flag and March at the opening ceremony of PyeongChang under the white Olympic flag.
If a Russian athlete wins a gold medal that has not yet been won, it will play Olympic songs, not the national anthem.
It is reported that the failure of the drug test for crushnizki is the first time to take a stimulant.
Russian events at the Winter Olympics.
Reuters reported that according to an unnamed source, Russian sports officials are in contact with the-
Doping officials in Pyeongchang
Meldonium is the drug that injured tennis star Maria Sharapova and two others.
The campaign was banned from June to 2016.
That year, hundreds of Russian athletes tested positive for meldonium.
The drug is not approved for sale in the United States and is known to treat heart disease and other chronic diseases in Russia and Eastern Europe.
There is no clear explanation of how taking the drug can improve the performance of athletes, but it is still on the WADA ban list.
\"In doping tests, I don\'t know all of this,\" crushnizki said in Russian in a report published on Sunday by Russian news agency RIA Novosti.
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