Saltire Prize medal for inventor of Pelamis wave \'sea snake\'

by:ShunDing     2019-12-30
The inventor of XXX-
The man known as the Red Sea snake wave energy device won the saltier prize.
Dr. Richard Yemm founded Pelamis Wave Power in Edinburgh in 1998.
The company uses the power of the ocean to generate electricity using huge wave machines.
First Minister Alex Salmond presented the award to Dr. Yemm at a dinner on Tuesday in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of the marine renewable energy sector.
The Pelamis wave energy converter has been recognized by the international community.
The company received Scotland\'s first wave energy equipment export order.
Dr. Yemm is the second person to receive the Saltire Award Medal, which was awarded under the sponsorship of the 10 m Saltire Award marine energy challenge in Scotland.
Last year, Professor Stephen Salte, known as the founder of wave power technology, won his first medal.
Dr. Yemm said it was \"a great honor\" to receive this award, which he accepted on behalf of all those who worked tirelessly with him over the years.
He added: \"This is a personal award, but no matter where you take the time to look at this exciting new field, you can see excellent individuals working together as a team to achieve\" win-win\"
Marine energy represents the triumph of opportunities for clean energy and economic development.
Mr. Salmond said at the awards ceremony: \"Richard has driven the technological and commercial development of Pelamis Wave Power Generation, which now has major international utilities.
Among its customers are the Scottish Power Company and the Vattenfall.
\"Richard has also contributed significantly to the broader wave energy and renewable energy sector through his active involvement in the industrial and government sectors.
\"His drive, ambition and vision should be an inspiration for many young people who consider working in the engineering, science and energy industries.
Scottish renewable energy chief executive Niall Stuart said: \"There is no doubt that Richard Yemm will be regarded as the most influential development of the Scottish marine industry.
Important steps from drawings to grid-connected equipment to commercial scale projects.
Salmond also announced that Terry Garcia, executive vice president of the National Geographic Society, had agreed to serve as chairman of the Scottish Government\'s Sartell Award challenge Committee.
Saltire\'s main awards will be awarded to teams that can demonstrate business value in Scottish waters
Feasible wave or tidal flow energy technology to achieve maximum power output on the set minimum barrier of 100 gigawatt hours (GWh)
Twice in a row-
Only sea rights are used during the year.
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