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by:ShunDing     2020-07-15
Shantou ultra-thin nickel standard-Integrity

Shantou ultra-thin nickel standard- Honesty, any city is developing continuously. The disappearance of the old city landscape does not mean the annihilation of the city's personality, and the design of signs, notices and guidance will tend to be uniform. As the world's steel producer and the world's most populous country, China has the advantage of low cost of raw materials and labor for manufacturing hardware products. In recent years, China's exports of hardware products have maintained a stable growth trend, china has become the world's major exporter of hardware products, and it is expected that the annual export volume will remain at 10-15% growth. The analysis report on the development prospect and strategic planning of hardware products industry shows that in 2010, China's hardware products industry recovered throughout the year. In general, the hardware products industry is running well, the growth momentum of domestic and foreign sales is obvious, the import and export is growing at a high speed, and various economic indicators have basically returned to the previous level.

In addition to metal materials, non-metallic materials such as plastics and glass fibers are widely used. Hardware products have played an important role in the process of human survival and development. With the development of social economy and the refinement of social division of labor, hardware products are gradually enriched and improved, with more and more varieties. Modern hardware products can be divided into three categories according to their uses: Daily hardware for daily life, hand tools for production and living aids, building hardware as connectors, fasteners and supporting facilities in buildings and structures.

Shantou ultra-thin nickel standard- Integrity

standardization factors with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for visual design of signs; In the design of metal signs, it is not only required to be beautiful but also to reflect the information conveyed to people by the products of the enterprise, so that people can think of the Enterprise when they see the logo of the trademark, what kind of products are suitable for what style, what material of signs, so that people are more easy to remember; For example: Home appliances, electronic digital products, most of the choice of gold or silver logo, material selection: stainless steel or nickel material!

Shantou ultra-thin nickel standard- Honesty, aluminum plate is cheaper than stainless steel plate, and because the manufacturing process of aluminum plate is relatively simple and fast, there is no complicated manufacturing process of stainless steel plate, so the manufacturing cost is also relatively low. Metal signs are signs that can be seen everywhere in our daily life and can be found in many products or places; For example: mobile phones, computers, electronic digital products, household appliances, gift box packaging, bags, leather goods, cards, indication signs, etc. Commodity decoration: for example, the sign decoration of electronic products, household appliances, luggage, gift boxes and other commodities highlights the cultural concept given by the Enterprise to the commodities and a quality hint given to customers, let people think of the company and the products produced by the company as soon as they see the trademark.

there are not many small nameplates made of aluminum, because the logo nameplates and other products made of aluminum are not as delicate as stainless steel, and the gloss is relatively poor, moreover, the surface of the aluminum sign is easily scratched and ground. Stainless steel sign stainless steel sign stainless steel sign its material is 304 stainless steel, has good resistance to atmospheric and freshwater medium corrosion performance, and through corrosion, polishing, drawing after the decorative effect is very high-grade and beautiful. Stainless steel signs are generally divided into concave signs, convex signs and concave-convex signs.

Shantou ultra-thin nickel standard- Integrity and metal ions in metal salts lose electrons to become positive metal ions, gradually move and deposit on the original mode of the cathode, and form an appropriate thickness (Thin Standard thin can reach 0. 04mm). The application range of nickel sheet label products is very wide. The thickness of nickel sheet thin label can be controlled at 0 on products such as mobile phone case, protective cover, electronic digital product case, home appliance product case, gift box outer package, etc. 05-0. Within the range of, the surface can be used for wire drawing, netting, vacuum plating and oil injection.

high wear-resistant micro-deformation cold deformation die steel is represented by Cr12Mov type, which is a high-performance cold deformation die steel widely used abroad. Cr12Mov is an improved Cr12 steel. The carbon content is too high, resulting in serious uneven large bulk carbides. Cr12Mov steel is characterized by high wear resistance and hardenability. It is a micro-deformation cold blanking die. The main material of cold heading die is still widely used in general factories. The modified material has high hardness and high wear resistance, high hardenability, especially small deformation after heat treatment, good filing performance during pliers processing, is still widely used in blanking forming dies, drawing dies and other dies.

such as 6W6Mo5Cr4V2, the specific heat treatment process is quenching heating temperature 1160-1180 ℃, after cooling, after 550- Tempering at 570 ℃ for three times, hardness Rc60- 63, used for cold extrusion punch or cold heading punch can double the service life. Matrix Steel: Matrix Steel is another way to improve the toughness of high speed steel. Compared with high speed steel, Matrix Steel has few excess carbides and fine carbide particles, the distribution is uniform, so the impact toughness and fatigue strength are better than that of high speed steel, while maintaining good wear resistance. Matrix Steel successfully developed and popularized in China.

technological process of making nickel sheet label II. Cleaning steel plate and steel plate is the carrier when making nickel label. Steel plate can be recycled, and one plate can be repeatedly electroplated 2000 times, each reuse must be cleaned and polished. Operation Guidance: The operator turns on the switch of the grinding machine and holds the stainless steel plate with both hands to make it close to the nylon wheel; Move left and right up and down, polish the stainless steel to make it bright and flat, and visually check the surface for nickel spots, letter marks and scraping. Polished stainless steel is placed in clear water to avoid oxidation of stainless steel plates.

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