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Shenzhen movable label- Good quality and low price

More than 95% of the badges are stamping and die casting processes, which can make some badges with a very three-dimensional feeling, in particular, die-casting is suitable for ultra-stereoscopic or 3D badges. During the '12th Five-Year Plan' period, China will change the development mode of hardware industry. On the premise of saving resources, reducing consumption, protecting the environment and improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, continue to maintain the orderly, healthy and rapid growth of the industry, and strive to transform China from a hardware manufacturing power to a hardware manufacturing power. In the early days, it was made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, hence its name.

Shenzhen removable label- High quality and low price, directional curing: it can produce very strong super heat-resistant alloy with excellent fatigue resistance, pour it into the model, and then go through strictly controlled heating and cooling processes, in order to eliminate any small defects plastic forming plastic forming processing: refers to the high temperature heating of the forming metal for re-modeling, which is a labor-intensive production. Plastic Molding classification: Forging: it is a simple and ancient metal molding process to shape metal by beating and squeezing under the conditions of cold working or high temperature operation. Binding: the high-temperature metal blank section passes through several continuous cylindrical rollers, which tie the metal into the mold to obtain the preset shape.

metal signs are widely used in daily life, not only for these purposes listed above, such as road signs, campus education guidance and signs, etc, these are the common uses of metal signs in our daily life; So don't underestimate the role of small signs, it brings many convenient uses to our life.

Hot Melt Adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive, which has no viscosity at normal temperature and needs to be heated to above 120 ℃ by a hot press, glue is sticky only when it dissolves and has odorless properties. It is an environmentally friendly chemical product. It has the characteristics of high adhesion, strong adhesion, etc. It is often used on the surface of leather goods, digital products, household appliances, etc. , like double-sided tape, and is generally attached to the overall metal label, such as stainless steel signs, electroforming thick standards, etc!

metal flat signs are usually made by screen printing or color printing technology. Metal signs made by printing technology are very high-grade with bright colors, however, there is also a disadvantage that the paint on the metal surface falls off due to external scraping during installation or transportation. Therefore, in this context, sign makers use a layer of film on the metal sign to protect the paint on the surface of the metal sign, remove the film when ensuring that the metal plate is 'safe. Metal flat signs are usually made by screen printing or color printing technology, and the metal signs made by printing technology are very colorful and high-grade, however, there is also a disadvantage that the paint on the metal surface falls off due to external scraping during installation or transportation.

Shenzhen removable label- Good quality and low price, nickel plating crystal is extremely fine, and has excellent polishing performance. The polished nickel coating can obtain a mirror-like luster appearance while maintaining its luster in the atmosphere for a long time. Therefore, the plating layer is often used for decoration. The hardness of nickel coating is relatively high, which can improve the wear resistance of product surface. Nickel plating layer is commonly used in printing industry to improve the hardness of lead surface.

take the film and stick it to stainless steel. Be careful not to stick it backwards when attaching it. The side of the film is facing down and placed on the glass; Turn on the lamp tube, vacuumizing time is 25±5 seconds, and exposure time is 28±3 seconds; The exposure is completed and transported to the development workshop via the transmission output port. Development: The operator dips the exposed stainless steel plate into the developing liquid and puts 4 ~ 6 tablets.

The operator puts the electroformed stainless steel flat on the working table, and cuts the OPP protective film with appropriate size to the surface. Light fold (Bending) Stainless steel plate to separate electroformed products from stainless steel. The glue brushing operator takes an 80-mesh clean screen and places it on the printing machine, and debugs it. Seal the position that does not need printing with gummed paper.

in some electronic products, large machinery, customers like to use stainless steel signs. Based on the use environment of stainless steel signs, customers are generally recommended to choose water glue. Water Gel high temperature resistance 80 ° C, low temperature resistance- At 40 ℃, the label can be directly placed in the reserved position in the product during operation. Other frequently used glues include adhesive, Sun glue, etc. Engineers will choose the appropriate glue according to the customer's use environment for the label. No matter what kind of glue, we will try our best to meet the needs of customers and provide them with quality brand services.

design drawings for more than ten years, Changsha aioni has been striving for perfection in production technology in order to make perfect signboards and fulfill the heavy responsibility entrusted by the demand side. Ioni's production factory introduces some specific production processes for everyone to learn and understand, so that you can know it: metal shearing, bending, welding and stamping our production factory produces through shearing machines, bending machines, welding machines and other equipment.

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