sign firm boss ready to launch new gift venture; in the company of... tina smith is the owner of the house nameplate company, ruabon.

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Owen Hughes business reporter.
Hughes @\'s affairs. co.
The general manager of the leading House sign company in the UK looks-
With the launch of a new company, look forward to an exciting future.
Tina Smith of Reuben
Headquartered in e House nameplate, it is mak-
Get ready for the end before launching the company\'s new gift brand \"custom and beauty\" next month.
E The launch of the new series marks the latest progress made by the growing companies in recent years in some major developments.
The latest is a national supply contract just this week with high-end department store John Lewis.
Tina said: \"It was a very exciting time for us.
\"We have worked hard to develop the e House Nameplate Company to the current level, and now we are applying Thomas skills to new product lines and businesses.
\"E House nameplate, founded in 1986, is the largest producer of handmade House signs and figures in the UK.
It is the UK\'s hundreds of independent retailers and high
Street giants including B & Q, Homebase and argos.
Full resume full name Tina Smith EDUCATION studies economics and management studies at the University of Wales, Cardiff, acquired by the Timpson family in 2004, and that\'s how Tina, as a non-managing director of Timpson, her predecessor
The core business of the company.
His career was as regional general manager at Westbury Homes and Timpson.
Then took over the House Nameplate Company.
Two years later, she acquired the e House Nameplate Company through management acquisition.
Over the past few years, rm has recruited more staff and increased turnover by 20%.
Tina said: \"The focus of e now is to diversify our products and apply the skills and expertise we have developed to other areas.
\"Next month, when the customization and the beautiful release, we will have four independent brands, all of which use us in-house.
\"We have distinguished ourselves by being the only company in the UK that has the same quality and individual level as ours.
We are shipping more than 800 deliquesesa a week
No one else is doing what we do nationwide.
\"Starting with oces in Ruabon, wokeshoul industrial zone, e. HouseNameplate Company offers a large number of nameplates and related items, from the original house nameplates and numbers to the mailbox door furniture and tableware.
Tina is now focused on applying her sta expertise in product personalisation to other senior levels
High quality gifts such as coasters, clocks, boards, and even home furniture under custom and beautiful brands.
Tina is a chartered accountant from South Manchester.
Prior to joining Timpsons, she manages oce of westbury Homes in the northwest region and manages more than 150 employees in 25 locations.
At e House nameplate, however, ere is a different focus and Tina insists on supporting and developing its 40-
Strong workforce
\"It has always been a family-oriented business and that is still true today,\" she said.
We have three members here from the beginning, and some others have been with us for ten years or more.
In some cases, two or three members of samefamily work here.
\"The real point for me is to respect both your employees and encourage them to have a similar view of the business.
We are keen to develop our employees and provide them with training in new business areas.
\"It\'s important when you work --
Work with a relatively small team to be flexible and able to meet the needs of different business areas.
By investing in our sta, we try to create an atmosphere where our employees enjoy their work and feel that they are part of what we want to achieve.
\"If you take our new product as an example, everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the creation of therange.
Each contribution is equally valuable, and it is essential to have a positive culture and working environment conducive to creativity.
| You are the owner, manager director of a company, and you want us to have a huge success through DPBUSINESSWALES \"We have also had in the Wales employment growth program, so far, six people have already participated in the project.
Project E is very effective in providing training and experience while also determining whether an individual is suitable for the business.
\"Tina\'s goal now is to repeat the company\'s success with a new custom and beautiful series and plan to promote the online technology she uses in her signature \'rm.
Tina said: \"It turns out that e-site and our online presence are valuable tools to reach new customers, and using it again with our other brands is a strategy.
Is it north Wales or north Wales?
Spend a company position?
Contact Twitter: \"We have invested a lot of money in this, and madesure e House Nameplate Company website is as effective as possible, including features such as being able to see the actual look of a custom design before printing.
25% of our business is done over the Internet.
Sales have doubled in the past 12 months, which we hope to increase in the future.
Online has had a huge impact on how the retail industry operates, and we hope to repeat this success through our new businesses.
\"For anyone who\'s just starting a business, the QUICKFIRE five tips are the secret to your success?
Caring for others, sincere and focused on business, never give up.
So far, what are the highlights of your career?
I think ahighlight has to be the parcel box we designed and built
House, which won the best hardware product of the year in 2014 DIY awards.
What style of house nameplate do you have?
I have a slate and an acrylic and a parcel box!
How do you choose which items to produce and sell?
We did not do a formal market research, but in-house.
What is the weirdest thing you have developed?
We have recently started to develop Internet-based products.
Are you the owner, manager or director of the company in north Wales?
Do you want to stay at Business Post for a while?
Contact us via Twitter: DPBUSINESSWALES subtitles (S)
Tina Smith from Reuben
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