The 1972 Olympic Basketball Final: \'Stolen Glory\'

by:ShunDing     2019-12-24
The Soviet Union officially defeated the United States, 51-
At the age of 50, in the gold medal race of 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, on the last buzzer, a desperate basket.
In many ways, the game is a mirror image of the United States for the Soviets. S.
Eight years later, the Olympic hockey team will experience an incredible victory at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, almost unthinkable.
Olympic standards-
For a politically struggling government, it has a heavy responsibility and a Cold War.
But the similar place is here.
Because there\'s an Olympic player.
It can be said that this is a huge difference between the greatest Olympic achievements of each country: the Soviet Union did not actually win the basketball gold medal in 1972.
Or, more specifically, they have never been considered a win by an American opponent.
Until today, 40 years after the final bell rang, 12 silver medals were unclaimed in the storage room of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
These silver medals belong to Americans in history.
His teammates say \"history\" is wrong.
Why the stars of the \"72\" team, now the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, and his former teammates ---
All the people who are alive-
Continue to insist that the gold medal be awarded to the Soviet Union by mistake?
To understand, going back to Benton in Illinois will help for a while, and Collins will countless times imagine what it would be like to sink a historic champion basket.
In his view, he took part in the state championship of Benton High Rangers, or in the NCAA Championship in Illinois (
His high school coach and the alma mater of the school Collins will attend).
Or maybe one day, he will play in the NBA finals. The whip-thin, 130-
British high school students always use the same routine when practicing shooting, and these two free throws create history: three bounces.
Spin it in his hand. Shoot.
But Collins never thought about what happened in Munich, West Germany in the early hours of September 10, 1972, just days after Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes, causing Olympic officials to consider canceling the atrocities of the rest of the games.
With three seconds left in the clock, Collins and his team, after their heroic comeback, stood on the American free throw line, one point behind the Soviet Union in the Olympic gold medal.
Collins couldn\'t even see clearly, by chance.
Earlier, after the spectacular opening
Stealing from one of the best players in the Soviet Union, when he drove to a potential game, he was knocked downwinning layup.
In his haze, there was a bruising under his left eye, Collins grabbed his sore left wrist, he landed on his wrist and tried to collect his abilities.
The assistant coach is scrambling to find a player they trust to replace Collins and free throws twice.
That\'s when Collins heard the 68-year-
Old Coach Hank Iba said in his signature harsh tone: \"If Doug can walk, he will shoot.
\"This is the last game that IBA has coached in a long and famous career ---
And one of the best moves he did.
Collins blocked everything: the crowd, his injuries, the Cold War, the potential gold medal.
He is trying to be the kid on the playground again.
He\'s full.
Circle: imagine that the boy who participated in the big competition became the Olympic athlete who imagined going back to campus.
In an interview with our book, glory of theft, Collins told us: \"I thought of something that I have been counting on, regardless of the situation . \".
\"Three dribble, spin and shoot it.
\"Although their loyalty seemed to be divided throughout the game, 6,500 spectators were crammed into Munich\'s basketball, and they cheered wildly when Collins threw two free throws into the United States. S. ahead, 50-49.
Olympic gold medals seem to belong to Americans.
But after the Soviet Union\'s first unsuccessful scoring attempt in the last three ticks of the clock, they were given another chance to enter because of the reasons still controversial so far.
When the Soviet Union failed the second attempt, the ball made a harmless jingle from the rebound, the United StatesS.
The players broke out in midfield and they jumped up and down successfully.
This is an era where fans will rush into the stadium or stadium after the tournament, long before today\'s strict stadium safety, and they will certainly be packed with the US team.
A fan tried to take off Tom Henderson\'s jersey
The other stole IBA\'s wallet.
Frank Gifford of ABC announced that the United StatesS.
Ending a return that is unlikely.
The game is over.
This man Collins has fulfilled his childhood dream on the biggest stage.
His two fouls made history instantly.
But they would never do that.
With the American team cheering, the chairman of the International Basketball Association (FIBA) ordered the Soviet Union to make a third appearance.
This time Soviet player Aleksandr Belov jumped high in the air and grabbed a full pass
A teammate threw two American soldiers at the court. S.
The defender, one on each side of him, scored the ball into the basket.
Belov, with his arms raised high, sprinted all the way to the other side of the court, surrounded by his teammates, all dressed in Soviet costumes
Red jersey.
Soviet players rolled over the floor, hugged each other, hugged coaches and coaches, and swi came from vodka bottles that came out of nowhere.
A moment later, the scene in the American locker room was chaotic.
Some players are frustrated.
Others gathered together to make plans.
Soon, they all agreed: if their protest did not lead to the overthrow of the Soviet victory, American athletes would refuse to accept the silver medal.
Forty years later, Collins and many of his teammates said that the most painful thing is the memory of the celebration of the Intermediate People\'s Court, a joyous moment when they feel and believe they have won.
So while this book is really about this 40-
Minutes of basketball games and Cold War buildings
40 years ago, it was also a painful choice. a dozen young people over the age of 23 made a choice in the chaotic aftermath. over the years, how did the decision respond.
After all, 40 years is a long time.
The Berlin Wall collapsed and the Iron Curtain opened.
The Soviet Union has ceased to exist, the Cold War has been put into history, and the greatest international fear of Americans has now been trained as a war on terror.
But one thing has not changed despite the time constraints. As a team--
This is the only way for the IOC to allow silver medals ---
Americans today insist that they do not want to have a silver medal.
That fantastic pain, five-
They are still celebrating for a minute.
In fact, players led by Tom McMillan continue to serve in Congress after the end of their basketball career, and they support a grass --
Trying to convince the IOC to go back to the grassroots campaign that awarded the United States a repeat gold medal.
At 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Canadian double figure skaters set a precedent after a scandal by an Olympic judge denied them legal rights to gold.
For the Soviets, their basketball victory in 1972 soon showed a mysterious and spiritual atmosphere.
A woman who was once a Soviet \"home mom\" helped the team cook and clean up and began sharing her Christian beliefs with Soviet players.
Most of them nodded politely.
The Soviet government was notorious for persecution of Christians and Jews.
However, the night before the gold medal, the Soviet mother preached the gospel to the players and begged them to believe.
A player thanked her and said: \"If you pray for us to win the gold medal, I will trust your God.
\"The family mother replied that she could not do so, but she would pray that God would show herself in some way.
After the Soviet Union won the gold medal, the player returned home and said that now the game is over and his team has won, he believes in God and accepts Jesus as his savior. His name?
Alexander Belov
Six years later, Belov died.
Belov is still the Olympic gold medalist in death.
In 40 years of life, Americans still believe they have won the game and they still want their gold medal.
Forty years later, three seconds from gold.
This article was extracted from the stolen glory by Taps and Mike Brewster (GMBooks. com, 2012). (
Check out the video below to learn about the controversial talk clips in the 1972 basketball final.
The interview is in English and the narration is in German. )
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