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Unique Metal domed epoxy sticker for designated luggage box

Many of luggage boxes often adopt the metal domed epoxy stickers to customized logo brand since this sticker is anti-wear and good-looking.   


The metal domed epoxy sticker is different  to the other stickers, which is that it has a epoxy dripping process coated by resin. It is a protection for the words or pattern what printed on the metal bases.


To select a correct resin to make the domed epoxy sticker is very important, and it is the crucial point for this products because some resins will easy to be shaded to yellow. One of our customers from Sweden has ever encountered the similar problems that he customized a domed epoxy sticker for his high-end luggage box from other suppliers, but many of the stickers will turn to yellow on it resin parts used in about 1year that influences the whole appearance, degrade its brand orientation. Through analyzing and experiment, we selected a special epoxy to make it, which lasting time will be more than 10years.


If there is any questions about domed epoxy stickers ,just contact us, and we will make a statisfactory and definite answer for you.

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