University of Winnipeg: Student Awards and Honours, June 2010

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The governor awarded the gold medal with the highest honor of the master\'s degree-
Karen Ridd won the highest honors silver medal from the governor for his undergraduate degree
British Chancellor of the state, Brian James Robert Crocker, won the gold medal in the highest honor for Art (Honours course)—
Janna Lorin Young won the second silver medal in university art (Honours course)—
Elliot Ben Hanowski, Minet Prinsloo, the top art gold medal for the Chancellor of the Arts (four-year course)—
Kaitlyn McKenzie Eliasson won the second silver medal in university art (four-year course)—
Brittany Alexandra Hilton deputy governor-general\'s highest medal of honor for the Arts (General course)—
Silvina Andrea mohadba University won the second silver medal in art (General course)—
Chancellor Sandra Kettering Smith won the gold medal with the highest honors in business and economics (four-year course)—
Laura Amanda Dawn Cove won the Chancellor\'s Gold Medal for the highest position in business and economics (General course)—
Joel Patrick worth won the second-highest silver medal in University Business and Economics (General course)—
Premier Wang Xiaobin won the gold medal with the highest honor in Science (Honours course)—
Laura Michelle holocco won the second silver medal in university science (Honours course)—
Rebecca Helen Van der Hove won the highest medal in Science by the Chancellor of Finance (four-year course)—Chen-
Liu Yi won the second silver medal in university science (four-year course)—
Madison Jed Young is the finance minister\'s gold medal in the highest honor of Science (General course)—
Brian James Robert Crocker won the second silver medal in university science (General course)—
Colin James Armstrong Popham won the highest honor gold medal in principal education
Second silver medal in education at Anne Catherine laser University-
O Erica kolomoT.
Anderson Award (
Outstanding academic and extra-curricular performance)—
Singh anthropology-
Amanda reinischapplication computer science-
Laura Michelle.
Harlem Jacob Silverstein bio
Rebecca Helen Van der Hof Biological Psychology
Lisa Robin Scrimshaw chemistry
Daniel James.
Jenna Lorin YoungDance-
Rose economics-
A French study by Elena Catherine Stromberg
Orson geography-Miriam Dawn
David William.
Elliott Ben hannoski\'s cross-disciplinary linguistics-
Center for International Development Studies
Hansel math-Patricia Dawn
Michael Andrew pawliukphilophy-
Carly Gill temstad physics
Jesse Bellagio politics
Robert Brian frother psychology
A religious study of Sarah Reann katafio yacht
Netizen: Colleen zegherssociety-
Student Angela Colleen PaulsonProfessional design-
Thyson Theatre and film-Aragon
Donald Elizabeth
Women and Gender Studies-
Sarah Michelle duck biochemistry
Jessica Lynne
Madison Jade combination professional-
Anita joy penne Communications
Research on conflict resolution in Braden Alexander
Kaitlyn McKenzie Eliasson economics
Ashley Jensen English
Environmental studies by Andrew Arthur Eastman
Hilton Brittany Alexandra-
History-Trevor John Johnson
Research on International Development-
Allison lisää Dal Ennis ergonomic and applied health-
Mandy Alice Mary White Church physicsChen-
Yi Liuzheng-
Tobia neufeldrethoric and communications-
Satherland sociology
Statistics by Caroline Roberta Ann hubina-
Liu Yaqing anthropology-
Allison lisää Dahl Ennis applied computer science
Jordy David gilris anthropologyLaura-
Anne Mary Hasek biochemistry
Brian James Robert.
Peter Mark Sliwinski Biological Psychology
Benjamin Java rogarabness and the government
Joel Patrick worth chemistry
Major Catelyn Alisa Elaine Dyck combo
Research on Brenda Diane panquez conflict resolution
Susan Mary Street
Criminal justice-
Center for East Asian Economic Studies
Jonathan Cary
Environmental research by Kaitlyn McKenzie Eliasson
French Studies-Paloma ann le Johanna
Lori mehger-
Joyce Mary walfed studies
Nancy Estela
History of Art by Lisa Ross Richardson
Roslyn Janine steinwikas from international development studies October 2009
Alanna bahiyyi dixon ergonomics and applied health-
Alice Anne McLean math
Amber Yvonne\'s philosophy-
Brian Ward Griffith physics
Colin James Armstrong
Jada Rochelle Neiman psychology
Li Lihong Zong\'s teaching-
Speech and communication by Abigail Karen tovas
Erika brennersocial-
Spanish research center
Andrea Silvina MohadebStatistics-
Beijing Wangjing theater and film
Chad Daniel tembrei Manitoba Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award for Business Administration-
Dr. Joel Patrick worth. Dan A.
Chekki Award for Outstanding Sociology-
Ilan Taylor marchko of Bill Gatby
Service Teaching Award-
Ron Norton Psychology Award-Sunstar Dean Mary Demale
Swiss Ambassador Book Award, French Research Award
Swiss ambassador to Germany Book Award Michelle Francis rosna
Honourable Gary Doer\'s Olivia Jane weigerte, former Prime Minister Manitoba and the Canadian ambassador to the United States will receive an honorary doctorate in law at a meeting at the University of Winnipeg at 9: 30 today. m.
The executive director of the Winnipeg Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata center, Josie Hill, received an honorary doctor of law on Thursday morning, CBC radio host Bob MacDonald, and received an honorary Doctor of Science on Thursday afternoon.
\"These three people show extraordinary talent,\" said U of Lloyd Axworthy, president of W . \".
\"In addition to decades of public service, Gary Doer also demonstrates his personal commitment to the unique role uwinnieg plays in revitalizing the city center and expanding to the underdog.
Representing student groups including refugees and new immigrants
Urban and indigenous youth.
Josie Hill opens a culturally sensitive community
Basic work in downtown Winnipeg
City, help countless families.
\"Bob McDonald, with his infectious smile, makes everything from black holes to killer whales fascinating,\" Axworthy said . \".
\"We are honored to welcome Gary Doer, Josie Hill and Bob MacDonald to the University of Winnipeg community.
\"W. U. praised Gary Doer as a passionate promoter of Manitoba and a strong supporter of the University of Winnipeg.
Doer\'s career in public service has been a trade union leader, leader of the New Democratic Party in Manitoba, member of the legislature, Prime Minister, and now the Canadian ambassador to the United States.
W\'s U said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Doer, Manitoba has contributed $25 million and $7 million through its \"world of opportunity\" capital movement to the university, additional support to the laboratory at the Science Complex and Richardson School of Environment, which helped to achieve W, includes vivarium and greenhouse facilities that will be built in the new complex.
Doer also funded the restoration of the historic Wesley Hall and the revitalization of Spencer Street for campus and community use, the school said.
Both Doer\'s daughters are currently attending classes at the uwinnieg campus.
One at the University and the other at the University of Winnipeg.
For over 25 years, Josie Hill has been the interior of Winnipeg --city.
Considered the champion of a unique Aboriginal community
UN officials say she has proven that cultural sensitivity is essential in community work.
Hill has created extraordinary records in the areas of indigenous leadership, advocacy and community development.
She is one of the founding members of the Marawi Wi Itata Center (Ma Mawi)
Aboriginal children and families support program in Canada\'s first major cities
Advocate the concept of community, meet challenges and create opportunities.
By opening the door and welcoming their participation, Hill has empowered those who have encountered obstacles in our society.
Hill is very sharp about the internal problems.
W. U. says this is a city community that works together to solve problems
She is a mentor and she has won many awards for her people, community and commitment to our city.
Bob\'s quirks and the host of Quarks Bob McDonald are the best in Canada --
Famous science reporter and writer.
His contribution to scientific literacy and his appreciation of science have promoted public participation.
He played a prominent role in promoting science and technology in Canada.
By making science interesting and fascinating, McDonald\'s gives Canadians of all ages access to science.
He introduced a wide range of topics and scientific disciplines with sincere enthusiasm.
He creates awareness and curiosity while providing accurate information.
McDonald\'s is a regular science commentator for the CBC News Network and a science reporter for the cbc TV station National.
He has received several prestigious awards in recognition of his ongoing scientific outreach, including the 2001 Michael Smith Science Promotion Award --
The 2002 Sandford Fleming Medal, the Royal Society of Canada and the Royal Society of Canada 2005 McNeil medal for public scientific awareness.
The University of Winnipeg is honoring the Honorable Raymond E.
Winn receives a scholarship at the University of Winnipeg, professor
Rais Khan received a scholarship at the meeting ceremony of the Union College.
W. Said The Honourable Chief Justice of the Manitoba provincial court, Raymond wiente, invested countless hours of public service and energy creation for the University of Winnipeg and the wider community
He served on the board of directors of the University of Winnipeg for nearly a decade, from 1992 to 2002 and from 2000 to 2002 as chairman of the board.
During this period, Judge Wyant, a prosecutor, served on several occasions as acting deputy minister of justice in Manitoba.
He won the 2006 United Nations Public Service Award as he led an innovative and coordinated approach to dealing with domestic violence cases, winning national and international attention.
Wyant got his scholarship today. Prof.
Rais Khan has a distinguished career of more than 40 years in the political department of W University and has made a significant contribution to the governance of the university.
School officials noted that Khan influenced generations of students and colleagues with his tireless dedication and breadth and depth of knowledge.
During his tenure as a professor, Khan contributed to the Senate and the board of directors, held key leadership roles and served on more than 80 university committees.
Khan was recognized by his peers for countless awards, and his professional ethics, research and academic activities were highly valued.
He received a scholarship at the United University on Thursday.
Three professors at the University of Winnipeg, Alan vibe, Donna Young and Jeff Martin, received faculty awards for their outstanding contributions to the university and the wider community. Prof.
Alan vibe of the School of Education will receive the Clarence Johansson Community Service Excellence Award as he is working for-
Young men of risk and genius.
W. officials say Wiebe has been helping W. U. to become the only place in Manitoba to recognize guidance and provide credit as a teaching degree program skill.
\"Guidance is about developing a non-
Judge the relationship, \"said vibe.
\"We went on the journey with the students who set their goals.
Achieving these goals is success.
Guidance is an effective way for students who are out of danger. \" Prof.
Jeff Martin of the physics department is one of Canada\'s leading annual nuclear and particle physicists, who created the highest in the world --
Density source of super cold neutron.
He is also team leader in potential solutions for medical isotope shortages in Manitoba research and is currently under development.
He will receive awards for outstanding research from Erica and Arnold Rogers. Prof.
Donna Young of the Department of Biology has created several popular courses and is known for providing education that meets high academic standards, with a warm, friendly and engaging teaching style.
She will receive Clifford J.
The Robson Award for excellence in teaching was won by winning the respect, support and admiration of the students.
The University of Winnipeg alumni association commended Winnipeg Citizen activist Nick tenet (BA’67)
Outstanding Alumni Award.
Del seksmith, president of the W Alumni Association, said: \"The Alumni Council chose Nick because he was willing to express his opinions, his community activities, the strength of his will and character in dealing with the recent disability.
We regard him as a man of superior quality and we express our support and admiration for his life.
Ternette, a political activist, social advocate, journalist and volunteer, has devoted his life to fighting for fair treatment and justice for all.
For 40 years, he challenged social norms and governments at all levels through direct, participatory democracy, and W officials said that in the process, successfully refutes the view that only politicians and insiders can participate in political debates and influence their results.
Born in Germany in 1945, he moved to Canada at the age of 10.
He grew up in West Winnipeg.
As a student at the University of Winnipeg, he served as an assistant editor for Uniter and was actively involved in the university community.
Graduated in 1967.
For many years, Ternette has been working at Winnipeg Harvest, working in the field of public education and publicity
On team members, prepare food for families in need.
Ternette was very ill in 2009.
He stayed in the hospital for a few months and lost his legs due to the need for an amputated meateating disease.
After he was discharged from the hospital, he adapted to use a wheelchair.
In a series of candid articles, he shared these experiences with the winniperg people.
In 2010, after numerous speeches at the City Hall, Nate announced his retirement from urban politics.
He continues to publish his weekly e-newsletter, The Nate report, and is working on various projects, including autobiography.
He is still an advocate for those who might otherwise not be able to hear the voice.
For more details about the June meeting of uwinnieg, please visit :.
No one has heard her words for more details about the June meeting of uwinnieg, please visit :.
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