What price Steven Gerrard\'s loyalty to Liverpool?

by:ShunDing     2019-12-23
What is the price loyalty?
In Gerrard\'s case, since winning the Champions League in Istanbul Fort in 2005, the return to stay in Liverpool has reached an FA Cup and a Carling Cup in nine full seasons, hopes remain for the Europa League, the Capital Cup and the FA Cup --
Make up swansong.
He also performed well financially, but there is no doubt that he also sacrificed some income and trophy bonuses to stay at Anfield instead of accepting a lucrative leave offer.
Here, as Jim Bowen has done to the players who lost the game in bulseye, it is a chance to see what he will win if he leaves after the 2004 season --
In the 05 season, he was thrilled that Liverpool accepted a firm offer from his rival club.
Until Liverpool beat AC Milan in 2005 Champions League final, his move to Chelsea seemed to have been completed.
In fact, he still wanted to go until July 2005 when Chelsea\'s offer of £ 32 million was made public.
\"This is the hardest decision I have ever made,\" he said . \"
\"I\'m totally going to sign a new contract after the Champions League final, but the events of the past five to six weeks have changed it all.
A week later, he signed a new agreement.
If he has been away for 10 years, is in good health and is in good health, he may win everything Chelsea won without him (
Maybe more)
Two Premier League champions, four FA Cups, one Carling Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League.
This is the nine trophies and medals he might have given up.
On 2006, after selling Shevchenko to Chelsea, AC Milan approached Liverpool to bid for their captain, a bid comparable to Real Madrid, which has been held until 2010.
If he had gone to San Siro that summer, he would have won the Champions League.
Beat Liverpool in the final)
The Super Cup and the Club World Cup will be held within 18 months.
Four years later, the Serie A champions and the Italian Super Cup followed suit, their last trophy to date.
One to watch! 12-year-
Steven Gerrard is Liverpool\'s greatest player ever?
Gerrard paid for his loyalty to Gerrard\'s departure at Anfield, which means Liverpool have lost their conscience if he joins Fabio Capello in 2006 and is in Bernabeu, three Spanish champions, two King\'s Cups, two Spanish Super Cups, the tenth European Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the Fifa Club World Cup may be his fate.
In addition to Chelsea in 2005 and Real Madrid in 2010, Mourinho also listed Steven Gerrard as a priority signing target for Inter Milan in 2008.
In the next three seasons Inter won two Serie A titles, two Copa America, two Super Cups, one Champions League and one Fifa Club World Cup.
In the summer of 2010, when Gerrard was just 30 years old, Bayern Munich offered Liverpool to sign the captain shortly after he led England to the World Cup.
In the four years of \"hollywood fc\", he can win two Bundesliga titles, two German Cups, one domestic Super Cup, one Champions League, European Super Cup and Club
All in all, Gerrard paid a heavy price for his loyalty to Liverpool because he had the opportunity to win honor with many of his suitors, a total of 40: 9 at Chelsea, AC Milan 5 people, 10 Real Madrid, 8 Inter and 8 Bayern.
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