Why Silver medal has turned Sindhu into hot property

by:ShunDing     2019-12-26
At 2012 Asian Junior Badminton Championships, her cricket hero, Gavin Tendulkar, won a gold medal for her.
At the reception, one can only guess 21-year-
When she returns to the arms of 1, the old player will receive it.
With her silver medal, 3 billion Indians became the country\'s most successful female athlete.
Medal performance at the Rio Olympics.
She was beaten 19-21, 21-12, 21-
In the final, Spanish world number one Carolina Marin was not important to a country that won a single bronze medal in these matches until Friday.
Hyderabadi tasted what her life would be like from now on, and when she went through a group of desperate journalists, she was pulled up and stimulated, want to catch every mouth she has
\"I\'m really, really happy because my ultimate goal is to win a medal at the Olympics,\" she said, holding on to the silver medal around her neck.
\"I thought it was gold, but it didn\'t matter. it was still Silver.
I never thought I would get here. . .
Overall, I am very happy.
\"For the most part of her career, Sindhu has basically been in the shadow of a companion --
India and the former world number one Sena Newal.
In fact, India has created a history of 120, and sindehu is lost in the crowd.
At 2012 London Olympics, some strange athletes topped the list of six medals with high expectations.
Together with Nehwal, who won the bronze medal four years ago, they are expected to win the gold medal from 2008, shooting gold medalist Abhinav Bindra, mixed doubles tennis against Sania Mirza and pistol boxer Vikash Krishan and shooter and 2012 silver medalist Gagan Narang to name just a few.
However, there are still five days to go before the closing ceremony, and the goal seems to be off target because all those who foreshadowing success are left empty --handed.
This prompted the Indian novelist Shobhaa De to tweet: \"The goal of the Indian team at the Olympic Games: to go to Rio. Take selfies.
Come back empty handed.
It\'s a waste of money and opportunity.
\"Freestyle wrestler (UNIFEM) Malik finally ended the deserted run before the bronze nesdihu on Wednesday, who was guided by the all-English badminton champion Pullela Gopichand in 2001, double the medal tally last Friday.
No Indian woman has won a gold medal in the Olympics, and sindehu is now a popular real estate, from journalists to Indian businesswoman, socialite Nita Ambani, it seems everyone is. I want to hug her or take a selfie with the daughter of the former volleyball player.
\"I was the first Indian to win a silver medal at the Olympics, so it was great to hear that, and I\'m really proud of my country,\" she added . \".
\"This medal is important to motivate Indians because there will be a lot of players to succeed in the future. \"
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