Why your kids would choose this tablet PC?

by:ShunDing     2020-01-09
Tablets have been around for years and are widely used in healthcare and other areas.
This year has been predicted to be a huge year for tablets to enter the consumer market, providing fierce competition for the huge market.
Popular notebook.
And over the years, so many Chinese \"shanzhai\" tablets have come out to offer at competitive prices, for example, you can buy Google Android 2 for $78.
Pickegg\'s 2 tablets
One of the largest online stores.
The IPad is currently the most obvious example of a tablet going mainstream, but that\'s not to say that all tablets released from now on are guaranteed to be super awesome.
There are really some real smelly guys.
Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.
1 V and tcl openpad 6-mm Ultra-thin 7-inch 2.
0MP arm DSP dual core PK2818 Android 2. 1 tablet PC (http://www. pickegg.
Wholesale/tabletPC-TCL-OPENPAD-6-mm-Ultra-thin-7-inch-2-0MP-ARM9-DSP-Dual-Core-PK2818-Android-2-1-Touchpad-256MB-4GB. html? welcome=57902).
TCL openpad is a new force to enter the tablet market, these 6-mm ultra-
A thin tablet designed for children.
Openpad for Android 2.
1 operating system with 7-
1024*600 inch LCD capacitive touch screen with high resolution, multi-screen, clear display
Touch technology gives you a more pleasant operation experience.
It uses advanced CPU devices for online games, movies, and surfing.
Why would your child like this tablet? It is 6-mm ultra-
Thin, net weight of only 330g, which means that the device is small enough to allow a child to take it in one hand and slide into the side bag of the laptop bag;
They can even carry them all day long.
In addition to the light weight, 7-
Inch LCD capacitive touch screen is very sensitive and allows your child to enjoy everything with their fingertips.
When they are bored, they can play some cartoons like Sponge Bob.
As you know, kids love drawing very much, and with this openpad you can download a doodle app for your kids to draw on a tablet with their fingers, it\'s like drawing on paper, but it\'s safer and greener.
You don\'t need to worry that they will get dirty in the house.
TCL openpad, also designed for educational features, comes pre-loaded with e-books such as Harry Potter to develop children\'s learning and reading abilities.
There are also educational games to develop their IQ and keep them busy.
And, it\'s Android 2.
1 OS, WiFi and 3g features popular with teenagers.
The configuration is not as good as the pc, which means they can use it to search for all the information they need.
Essentially, it\'s a Chinese brand device, not a cheap Chinese clone device, and you\'re wrong if you think that means it\'s not very good.
It is in good size and works well, but the price is $242 and cannot be compared to the ipad. 77, not $400.
All I see is trying to replicate companies from other companies, but this openpad has its own functionality.
Each of these tablets has good specs, but people tend to buy iPads just because of the name, which is naive if you ask me.
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