Yukon skier wins bronze medal at Canada Winter Games

by:ShunDing     2019-12-31
Yukon cross-
National skier Natalie Hynes won the first medal in the Yukon at the Canadian Winter Olympics on Thursday, at the women\'s 10-
Km ClassicThe 20-year-
The old Whitehorse athletes finished the game at 29: 59. 3 —
Only 11 seconds behind.
Quebec player Laura lakeler, 28 seconds behind B\'s gold medalist Jasmine DroletC.
\"I\'m super excited,\" HNA was still out of breath after the game.
\"I don\'t think it\'s possible, especially at the beginning --
I was a little pulled away by the leading group. . .
Great, I\'m not sure if I can stick to it in the end, but I did it and I\'m happy.
Hynes and leclerick gave a hug at the finish line.
Heinz said the two have been playing together for a long time.
\"She has a lot of talent and it\'s great to chase her in the game,\" Haines said . \".
She is proud of the final Yukon Medal
Count the board in the game and call it \"team effort \".
Amanda Thomson in the Yukon ended on the 10 th.
Heinz\'s medal is the second in the Olympic Games for northern athletes. N. W. T.
Wilson Elliott won the bronze medal in Wednesday\'s judo match.
This is the time for Yukon player Natalie Hynes to win the bronze medal.
She was chased for that medal throughout the game.
She was not caught, now is the Yukon # yukondoit pic. twitter.
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