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Zhongshan metal hollow signage manufacturers integrity

In addition to the use of stainless steel to make the badge, you have to use other materials, other materials are to be plated, the commonly used plating is generally nickel plating, it is also the white steel color that we often say. This color is almost the same as the stainless steel color, so the customer mistakenly believes that it is a stainless steel badge. As the world's steel producer and the world's most populous country, China has the advantage of low cost of raw materials and labor for manufacturing hardware products. In recent years, China's exports of hardware products have maintained a stable growth trend, china has become the world's major exporter of hardware products, and it is expected that the annual export volume will remain at 10-15% growth. The analysis report on the development prospect and strategic planning of hardware products industry shows that in 2010, China's hardware products industry recovered throughout the year. In general, the hardware products industry is running well, the growth momentum of domestic and foreign sales is obvious, the import and export is growing at a high speed, and various economic indicators have basically returned to the previous level.

integrity of Zhongshan metal hollow-out label manufacturers

during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, China will change the development mode of hardware industry, on the premise of saving resources, reducing consumption, protecting the environment and improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, we will continue to maintain an orderly, healthy and rapid growth of the industry, strive to transform China from a hardware manufacturing power to a hardware manufacturing power. In the early days, it was made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, hence its name.

Zhongshan metal hollow signage factory integrity, sand mold casting: low cost, small batch, can process complex shapes, but may require a large number of post-processing processes. Investment casting/lost wax casting: this processing method has high continuity and degree, and metal products can also be used to process complex shapes. On the premise of relatively low processing cost, it can achieve perfect surface effect and is suitable for mass production.

metal particles are sintered and formed by high temperature heating. This process does not require machine processing, and the utilization rate of raw materials can reach 97%. Different metal powders can be used to fill different parts of the mold. Solid molding solid molding processing: refers to the raw materials used are some metal strips, sheets and other solid forms that can be molded at normal temperature.

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for visual design of signs; In the design of metal signs, it is not only required to be beautiful but also to reflect the information conveyed to people by the products of the enterprise, so that people can think of the Enterprise when they see the logo of the trademark, what kind of products are suitable for what style, what material of signs, so that people are more easy to remember; For example: Home appliances, electronic digital products, most of the choice of gold or silver logo, material selection: stainless steel or nickel material!

roof sign: refers to a plate-shaped live cube-shaped or magic sign that is set on the roof of a building and hung or pasted on it. Column signs: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional signs marked on some fixed structures on the ground. Sudden sign: a sign that protrudes on the wall surface of a building and is used as a carrier on both sides except for the whole side of the building or when there are walls on both sides.

Features of stainless steel: Making of stainless steel signs; Stainless steel signs are generally made of 201, 202 and 304 stainless steel, and the manufacturing process is corrosive (Also known as 'etching '), Engraving, laser, silk screen, etc. Under the conditions of exquisite modern surface style and extremely high precision requirements, etching process is often used in the manufacture of stainless steel signs, the etched surface has the characteristics of concave-convex stereoscopic impression, smooth surface and high precision. Stable chemical reaction structure; Stainless steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

metal flat signs are usually made by screen printing or color printing technology. Metal signs made by printing technology are very high-grade with bright colors, however, there is also a disadvantage that the paint on the metal surface falls off due to external scraping during installation or transportation. Therefore, in this context, sign makers use a layer of film on the metal sign to protect the paint on the surface of the metal sign, remove the film when ensuring that the metal plate is 'safe. Metal flat signs are usually made by screen printing or color printing technology, and the metal signs made by printing technology are very colorful and high-grade, however, there is also a disadvantage that the paint on the metal surface falls off due to external scraping during installation or transportation.

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