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Zhongshan uplogo label- Design

Why are Badge manufacturers not very willing to recommend stainless steel badges?

Why are Badge manufacturers not very willing to recommend stainless steel badges? In fact, the main point is that the accessories on the back of the stainless steel badge do not need to be welded with tin, but are usually glued. Imagine how fast the glued parts will be. There is no need to say more here. In addition to metal materials, non-metallic materials such as plastics and glass fibers are widely used. Hardware products have played an important role in the process of human survival and development. With the development of social economy and the refinement of social division of labor, hardware products are gradually enriched and improved, with more and more varieties. Modern hardware products can be divided into three categories according to their uses: Daily hardware for daily life, hand tools for production and living aids, building hardware as connectors, fasteners and supporting facilities in buildings and structures.

belongs to labor-intensive production. The cost of processing can be relatively low. Solid forming processing classification spinning: A very common processing method for producing circular symmetrical parts, such as dishes, cups and cones. During processing, push the high-speed rotating metal plate closer to the model on the same rotating and fixed lathe to obtain the preset shape. This process is suitable for batch production.

Zhongshan uplogo label- Design, aluminum plate is cheaper than stainless steel plate, and because the manufacturing process of aluminum plate is relatively simple and fast, there is no complicated manufacturing process of stainless steel plate, so the manufacturing cost is also relatively low. Metal signs are signs that can be seen everywhere in our daily life and can be found in many products or places; For example: mobile phones, computers, electronic digital products, household appliances, gift box packaging, bags, leather goods, cards, indication signs, etc. Commodity decoration: for example, the sign decoration of electronic products, household appliances, luggage, gift boxes and other commodities highlights the cultural concept given by the Enterprise to the commodities and a quality hint given to customers, let people think of the company and the products produced by the company as soon as they see the trademark.

such signs are characterized by waterproof, low price and mass production. They can be directly pasted with neutral glass glue and paint surface. The disadvantage is that the appearance is not as delicate as metal signs. Aluminum Alloy sign aluminum alloy sign is a popular material in 1990s, aluminum. Compared with traditional materials, it does not rust, has light volume and low cost. The big signs we usually see outside, the signs are all made of aluminum alloy, such as the signs on the road, and some cards are also made of aluminum alloy.

such as 6W6Mo5Cr4V2, the specific heat treatment process is quenching heating temperature 1160-1180 ℃, after cooling, after 550- Tempering at 570 ℃ for three times, hardness Rc60- 63, used for cold extrusion punch or cold heading punch can double the service life. Matrix Steel: Matrix Steel is another way to improve the toughness of high speed steel. Compared with high speed steel, Matrix Steel has few excess carbides and fine carbide particles, the distribution is uniform, so the impact toughness and fatigue strength are better than that of high speed steel, while maintaining good wear resistance. Matrix Steel successfully developed and popularized in China.

The basic principle of electroforming is to use the original mold made according to the required shape as the cathode and the electroforming material as the anode, put them together in the same metal salt solution as the anode material and pass direct current. Under the action of electrolysis, a metal electroforming layer is gradually deposited on the surface of the original mold, and the metal electroforming layer is taken out of the solution after reaching the required thickness, and the electroforming layer is separated from the original mold, the metal parts corresponding to the shape of the original mold are obtained. The stability of nickel plating layer in air is very high. Due to the strong passivation ability of metal nickel, a very thin passivation film can be rapidly formed on the surface to resist the corrosion of atmosphere, alkali and some acids.

receiving engineering drawings according to CDR, AI or cad format engineering drawings provided by customers, according to size, color, thickness, glue and other process requirements to order, logo design in the drawings any line size width shall not be less than 0. 25mm (For example, the I word is only 0. , Then the drawings must be changed, or communicate with the customer to change the size, otherwise the size is too small, it is difficult to take it down during the shipping process, resulting in the improvement of defective products) After confirming the drawings, we will first make samples and send samples to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation by the customer, the order will be made.

Zhongshan uplogo label- Design, brush insulation ink: the operator takes a 200 mesh clean screen and places it on the printing machine, and debugs it. Set the printing position and seal the position that does not need printing with adhesive tape; Take a proper amount of photosensitive oil, pour it onto the screen board, and adjust the ink evenly with scraping to facilitate printing. Take a plate of stainless steel plate and place it on the printing platform, cover the net plate, scrape it once on the net plate coated with glue, and return the ink once (Seal the glue at the printing position); During the printing process, visually check the steel plate for yarn eyes at any time ,; If any, clean the net with washing water in time.

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