barcode labels - print your own or buy pre-printed? - aluminium barcode labels

by:ShunDing     2019-07-29
barcode labels - print your own or buy pre-printed?  -  aluminium barcode labels
If you are going to use a barcode label, you need to consider whether to print it yourself with software, a label or a dedicated barcode label printer, or, if you should order it from a company that specializes in printing labels.
Here are a few points to consider: you may want to buy pre-
If the label is printed; 1.
You need a lot.
Thousands or tens of thousands.
Printing many labels at the same time should indeed be done on a dedicated barcode printer. 2.
Each label is exactly the same. 3.
Bar code labels are numbered in sequence-
Maybe these are for tracking files or devices.
People in your company may make mistakes or deliberately copy numbers, causing problems. 4.
Plan permanent adhesion.
Special labels can be right
Removable, even indestructible. 5.
Security is a problem.
You can copy the label you printed yourself.
You may want to have a holographic image on your label that is hard to reproduce.
Label companies can provide. 6.
You need a special label.
Extra small, wind and rain, metal (
May be a permanent fixed asset such as a computer, desk, chair or outdoor equipment
Rental equipment or machines.
There are hundreds of companies that specialize in this if you want to order labels.
You can do an internet search on terms such as "bar code label printing.
"On the other hand, if: 1, you 'd better print it yourself.
You need to place unique customer information on each tab (
Address, purchase order number, weight, quantity. )2.
You don't need a lot of labels.
Maybe hundreds or thousands. 3.
Each label will be a bit different depending on the shipping method or the requirements of the receiving supplier. 4.
You want to put the barcode on the file5.
Over time, you want the flexibility to change the label. 6.
You plan to place photos or other images on the label (
Such as membership card).
There are two common ways to print your own label.
The first is to design and print labels using software on your computer.
Labels can contain a variety of data, not just bar codes.
The second method is to buy a dedicated bar code printer.
There are many models starting at about $200 and can be done well.
Most software products can print labels on laser or inkjet printers or dedicated label printers.
The barcode label printer has various sizes and styles and it is not possible to discuss them in full here.
However, it is enough to say that the label width is a common variable, that many printers handle labels with a width of up to 2 inch and other printers handle labels with a width of 4 inch or more.
In addition, some companies specialize in selling printers for items such as ID cards or ski passes.
If you plan to print your ID card, it is best to pick the card type and printer manufacturer you intend to use, and then choose the software that runs that particular machine.
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