brave girl, 9, who tried to steal kate middleton’s flowers dies in her parents’ arms after battle with rare disease - wooden name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-10-29
brave girl, 9, who tried to steal kate middleton’s flowers dies in her parents’ arms after battle with rare disease  -  wooden name plates
Kate and Megan's "Girls' Day" is over the moment the cheeky Mia tries to "steal" Kate Middleton's flowers.
Source: SuppliedMIA Murchison, the Sydney girl, who was cheeky trying to steal flowers from Kate Middleton during her royal visit, died from a rare illness and she was briefly
Mia, 9, died in August 17 after fighting the incurable Batten disease, which deprived her of her vision and her ability to walk and speak.
On April 2014, Mia was diagnosed with the disease, only three years old, and took a photo with the Duchess of Cambridge at a children's shelter in Sydney. The then four-year-
Kate received the old "trying to steal" flower at Manly's Bear Cottage.
Kate was obviously very happy. She went to the hospice with Prince William and said that the young man could leave them.
When cheeky Mia tries to "steal" Kate Middleton's flowers.
Source: when Mia reportedly said to her the word "baby", the Duchess replied, "Yes, I have a baby, baby George.
The Mirror reported that Mia was born in Dublin, Ireland, with CLN2, one of a group of diseases collectively referred to as Batten.
Her family moved from Ireland to Singapore and now lives in New South Wales and they are committed to raising awareness about the situation.
Kate joined Mia's little brother, Toby, to perform "twinkling, Little Stars" at the Bear Lodge ".
Source: They also set up the Bounce4Batten Facebook page where they posted 10 days ago: "Mia died in our arms this morning.
So incredibly sad and beautiful.
Love and worship very much.
PETA later wrote: "Yesterday was the saddest and most beautiful day for our family.
The spirit casket of Mia has a simple wooden nameplate and we will keep it forever.
"I never thought you would love the coffin, but her coffin is covered with flowers, very beautiful, very Mia. I loved it.
On August 17, the brave Mia Murchison died in a long struggle with the disease.
Source: provided "I will never be ready for this goodbye, but it is more beautiful than I thought.
In May 2013, nine months after her first seizure, Mia was diagnosed with Batten for the first time.
Mia was knocked down by Batten's illness, which deprived her of her ability to walk and speak.
Source: suplieda GoFundMe dedicated page wrote: "The Love Mia gives & the joy everyone experiences through Mia's life is a gift she gives to all of us.
"However, in the six years since Mia was diagnosed, there have been countless supporters, champions, advocates, friends and professionals who have expanded themselves for Mia and our family.
"We want to recognize and support organizations that support Mia's happy life.
Mia was diagnosed with weakness at the age of three.
Source: supply Batten disease is a rare and fatal neurological disease that cannot be cured and usually begins in childhood.
Children with juvenile Batten disease may be blind, altered personality and behavior, seizures, and decreased intelligence.
Symptoms also include dementia and motor problems, as well as language loss, according to the Beyond Batten website.
The article originally appeared on The Sun and was re-published here with permission.
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