downton abbey servant bell - small engraved name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-09
downton abbey servant bell  -  small engraved name plates
The project was done a few months ago when my friend Jenny went to have surgery.
To help her recover and relieve her mental stress, I decided to surprise her with the servant bell so she could ask for help from anyone in the living room on a comfortable bed.
Of course, a phone can do the same thing, but she really loves Downton manor, which matches the style of the living room very much.
Until today, she still enjoyed it a long time after her recovery.
I started by looking around the internet and found another very similar DIY: a cool final product, but Danni (the author)
Only manufactured from the supplies currently in their craft room.
There was a bit of extra cash in my pocket and I knew I could sort it out with a nice lanyard or even a plate with a name engraved. But don't worry;
Even so, it still costs about $20. $30.
Have a good time with your Micheal coupon!
The first thing I have to do is run a store.
I eventually need a bird, a mouse and a pet (
More information later)
You need to: otherwise, you need some nails and/or screws, I fix them together with welding tools, but you can try hot glue or even JB welding.
I welded several times and I made some suggestions on alternatives.
Give the board a good stain first.
Since the living room is black, white and red, I match it with dark gray stains.
You can also finish the board with a light Ze, but I decided to mess it up so that a few shiny parts will stand out even more.
Let it do it for a while and jump to the next step when you do it.
Next, we have to be able to use the bell, so I got the gold chain of about 4 feet and it was divided into two parts (1 and 3 feet).
At one end of the longer chain, I found this gold ring at Lowes, which will be the zipper next to the user.
Again, you can try using JB weld or hot glue here if you can't weld *, but I wouldn't recommend them as the final look.
* Between this chain and another, I will connect my nylon rope so that I don't have to buy a gold chain of 30 feet.
If you want to avoid confusion, you can tie the gold ring directly to the nylon rope so it looks cleaner and feels good to wear it.
Now is the place where the bell is pressed.
In addition to looking cool, the purpose of this is to have a little "bounce" when pulling the rope ".
In this way, it will shake the Bell more violently and send a better signal. Plus. . .
It looks cool to cut off a large piece of plumber tape.
This will change depending on the size you want, but for my baseboard I did it in the yard and cut it down after I bent it.
Remember, it's better to have too much than to have too little.
If you have any questions, do 4 feet.
Bend the tape of the plumber flat with pliers.
It's not necessarily completely flat, it's just flat-ish.
Once it is pulled until it can be used, start spreading your black tape and place your plumber tape in the middle.
Take the time so there won't be any creases on your tape, and when you have all the creases sorted, fold both sides over the plumber tape.
Finally, you should have a long piece of black metal.
In these pictures I have a chart of how I can bend the tape into a spiral.
Depending on your length, you can do more or less a spiral, but use the beginning of my presentation.
I fold it myself so that a screw or nail can easily pass through it and hold it when it is knocked.
I found that the best way to make it spiral is to bend it with a tight little roll, as originally packed, and then make it a regular size, making some minor adjustments from there.
When all this is done, the bell will hang from the bottom of this spiral.
The best way I found was to remove the tape from the last bend and cut the plumber tape so I could slide the top of the Bell into one of the holes.
I also bent the edges to make it look better, then you just add a small piece of black tape and cut it into the shape you need.
If you can't get the dremel tool, or there's no good way to cut the plumber tape precisely, one option is to use a small metal key ring through the last hole on the tape, then add the ringtone to the keyring.
Okay, crazy story about ringtones.
Because of the price and shipping time, I can't do as I want, so I have to find one in the store.
Everything in the crafts store is cheap plastic rings, no rings I want, so just as I'm about to give up, guess where I happened to find one? Petsmart!
When I got the nameplate, I walked over Bird Island and saw a bunch of Bell toys, including a $2 metal toy in silver or gold!
How crazy is this?
Finally, put everything together so far, and arrange it on the board, mark the center of the spiral on the board, nail a long nail on the top, and put it together.
This project has begun to take shape!
To connect the chain, you want to put it at the bottom of the center coil, where the nails are.
There are many ways to do this, but I find that hot glue is not one of them;
It broke immediately when I tried to pull it.
I ended the welding but you can try JB welding again and even do the key ring trick I mentioned in my last step.
This is my favorite one.
I searched the internet and wanted to find a cheap engraving solution, but the best solution I could find is still at least $35.
I suddenly realized that I tried the pet name engraving machine at petsmart and found a basic name label for only $6, perfect for this style!
The only problem is that I have to drill a hole on one side of the label so I can hang it up, but that doesn't cause me much trouble.
Since this was made specifically for my friend, I decided to take a more permanent route and buy something engraved with "Jenny Bell", which she nicknamed "Jenny Bell"
However, when I couldn't find a good engraving, I found another interesting option to use the card slot in the drawer! (
Including Pictures)
This will allow you to change the ringtone title by changing a small paper card, I found them in some craft shops for less than a dollar.
If you want to make antiques look older, even antiques are only 2 to 3 bucks, it may be more appropriate to have something like this in the servant area than a carved plate.
But it's just my opinion. Moving on.
There are a few more things to do and they don't have much explanation to do, so here we are: to be honest, the tutorial is broken down a bit here because I have tried hanging it and using it, and found that I need a spring.
The weight of the chain and the rope is too large to pull the spiral itself, so when you try to ring it, it doesn't have any space for the ring.
The small spring I added is enough to pull the screw back to the default position at any time you pull the rope and let it ring as you like!
Find yourself a good place to hang the bell.
For example, outside the bedroom, or in public places such as a kitchen or family room.
Screw it to the wall with the screw hole you made.
If you don't want to screw to the wall, I think you can use a lot of hanging straps made for the frame, but keep in mind that whenever someone pulls a rope, it will be very powerful, so make it strong.
To hang the rope, I just used a few screws near the top of the room so it had something to rest on.
Again, I decided to make this project look like me instead of buying a 30 feet gold chain for this project.
I got enough chains to start and finish and then connect the two with a golden nylon rope.
Sadly, I came up with the idea of nylon later, so I didn't have any pictures.
The rope, even surprisingly, the chain, is thin enough to pass through its top frame when the door is closed, and can still ring.
In this way, Jenny can still have her own privacy, but call for help if needed. Okay, that's it!
You have prepared a hanging servant bell for yourself, ready to spice up your decor and help anyone in need!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and be sure to check the video at the beginning if you get lost!
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