drop tests reveal the iphone x is apple's 'most breakable' phone ever - stainless steel name tags

by:ShunDing     2019-11-24
drop tests reveal the iphone x is apple\'s \'most breakable\' phone ever  -  stainless steel name tags
If Apple Inc. 's (AAPL -Get Report)
The IPhone X is the future of smartphones, so buyers should be prepared for their phones to get more fragile items.
According to electronic warranty provider SquareTrade Inc. , this is because the 10 th anniversary iPhone Xis was unable to survive a drop before it broke down, making it "the most fragile iPhone ever"
By all state (ALL -Get Report).
The $1,000 iPhone X is Apple's most advanced smartphone at the moment. to-
Edge organic LED screen, glass back and stainless steel frame.
Many analysts expect Apple to be Apple's number one brand. selling iPhone.
SquareTrade uses a variety of drop, bend, roll and dunk tests to measure how broken each phone is.
It then calculates the breakthrough score of the device based on these results.
The higher the equipment score, the higher the risk of damage due to accidents.
The IPhone X was assigned 90 out of 100, giving it the "high risk" it was broken ".
SquareTrade pointed out that after the face is down, the screen of the iPhone X is broken, unresponsive, and the facial recognition technology is completely failing.
The side drops caused the most serious internal damage, making the screen completely unoperable, and the side drops broke the glass of the iPhone X, leaving pieces of glass.
However, it does do quite well under water, with minimal damage after soaking in 5 feet of the water for 30 minutes.
The high cost of the IPhone X will not stay at the price of $1,000.
SquareTrade found that the iPhone X has the highest maintenance costs due to its thin OLED screen, smaller motherboard, multiple cables and a hard-to-remove "split battery.
Jason Siciliano, vice president, global creative director, SquareTrade, said: "You will think that there will be a high price for a beautiful phone like the iPhone X . ".
"The fragility of the IPhone X, and the majority of Apple's $549 maintenance costs, makes it a highrisk phone.
SquareTrade's data is in sharp contrast to Apple, which says the iPhone X has the most "durable glass" in smartphones ".
In addition to that, the company noted that the framework of the iPhone X was operated by "surgery-
Stainless steel grade.
The street asked Apple for comment on the results of the SquareTrade survey, but the tech giant did not respond.
In addition, squaretraderec found that the risk of breakage of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was "medium" compared to the high risk of iPhone X ".
SquareTrade's breakout score for the iPhone 8 is 67, while the breakout score for the iPhone 8 Plus is 74.
Like the iPhone X, the glass of the device
The design supported is the main reason why they can add breakthrough.
Apple launched a glass
After using the aluminum body on the iPhone 7/7 Plus model, the company this year provided support design for each of its latest flagship smartphones.
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