hunting for artifacts and antiques - metal badge and button

by:ShunDing     2019-08-04
hunting for artifacts and antiques  -  metal badge and button
Treasure hunt has been my life for decades.
Of course, I'm not talking about treasure hunting like Indiana Jones, or about gold boxes hidden by pirates.
I am looking for antiques and artwork, and while my search will not take me to a distant foreign land, I do find myself in some interesting places.
Although I have not become rich, I have found many valuable things.
At the beginning, I started the treasure hunt at the local antique shop.
One thing I quickly discovered is that antiques are a world in themselves.
First of all, I quickly realized that I need a lot of knowledge to know what is valuable and what is simple old garbage.
Many online resources can give you an idea of the most popular items and give you a better idea of what is really worth collecting.
Of course, no one will be an expert in countless categories and individual projects people collect, but, good resources will at least give you a broad understanding of what to look for when looking for antiques and artifacts.
The next thing I found out is that antique dealers don't like to be seen as running large courtyard sales.
These people spend a lot of time filling their stores with items they think are valuable and valuable.
If you walk in and take out a few bucks to buy something that is obviously valuable, you may find yourself buying nothing.
The antique dealers are very serious about their affairs and do not like to be insulted.
Negotiation is common and completely acceptable, but it should be done from a win-win perspective. Win perspective
Antiques are interesting and interesting, but it does require deep knowledge to achieve real success.
So I often look for real treasures.
Like I said, I don't go to the jungle or the ancient ruins to find valuables
I just go to my garage and grab my metal detector and simply select a scan point.
I found old Civil War artifacts like bullets and buttons, and of course there are a lot of changes and jewelry.
However, I often use my eyes to look for works of art such as arrows, pottery fragments and uniform badges.
It usually takes only a little research on historical sites, and of course a lot of patience.
You'll be amazed at how valuable simple things like Native American pottery are to museums.
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