prince remembered: the herald interview - brass label plates

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prince remembered: the herald interview  -  brass label plates
Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo.
A few hours in the morning.
Outside, the night clubs and bars in Roppongi are full of neon lights and nightlife.
Inside, the walls are full of still rock photos and souvenirsfamous, once-
A band that is only famous in Japan.
It seems that the post-80 s Los Angeles glam metal scene stopped for a drink on the way to oblivion.
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In a glass box behind the bar, Elvis is wearing Frankie and Johnny's army band suit.
Why don't you see.
Above is a pawnshop with a guitar with brass plates, claiming their previous ownership --
Have Tom Petti and George Benson never played such ugly instruments?
Probably Bon Jovi.
But the best rock souvenirs ended up in a quiet corner.
This is also the real article.
Trying to disguise yourself with a pair of black large round sunglasses, which are usually matched by a Labrador dog and a white cane, the little man crouching on the table.
But disguise will never succeed.
It's probably the big white jacket.
Maybe the facial hair is neatly trimmed and casual.
Or maybe two bodies.
One guard is Tyson Black, the other is a shave.
A pair of war boots set off his suit and he spent a lot of time threatening to adjust many of his finger rings.
Their appearance allowed them to taste strawberry daiquiri in a peaceful environment and pick them in a basket of French fries.
Yes, that's the artist who used to be called the Prince. Wow.
Nice to meet him here.
Well, no, actually.
This is the third time we saw the Prince in Tokyo that day.
He is the reason why a group of media from the Pacific Rim came to this unusually busy city.
This is probably the only metropolis in the world where he can't feel his height.
Challenged as usual if he really went out and mixed up with the locals.
But in the tacky bar in his hometown of Minni aporius, an hour is as much as Prince might do. So no-
You can talk to the Prince tonight. Too bad.
I went there about 12 hours ago.
But before we let him speak, let us remember all the mysteries of where he was won.
Well, it was business to change his name a few years ago to that unpronountable symbol, indicating rock's weirdest self.
Identity crisis.
As an ordinary old Prince, he's got a curious business sense by taking rock and roll with funk, weird sex with secular, bad movies and great albums, exciting live shows and notorious separation genius in workaholic music.
In recent years, he has written "slaves" on his face because he somehow believes that he has signed a restricted recording contract with Warner Brothers --
Signed in 1992 for over 10 albums for $0. 187 billion
That's what he did.
It's a pretty big cheek, as some might say.
But for 38 years now
Always a married man, the couple's first child expired in last February to marry dancer Matt Garcia.
His Tokyo jaunt plans to get him home at birth.
But scribbling on his face that "slave" is no longer a part of him --up regime.
He withdrew from the contract and took part in his biggest gamble in nearly 20 years.
Recording career of one year
This is the liberation of the so-called "three hours of love, sex and freedom.
He later said it was an album "I was born to make it.
This is a set of triple CD.
His last album with Warner Bros. began to have a taste of contractual obligations.
Actually, they helped to waste that genius and what he used to be-
Great business influence
So the question now is whether the three-piece set is too ambitious and too expensive (
The retail price here is less than $60)
Too late for a comeback?
Though as his 1994
It turns out that some of the most beautiful single girls in the world still like him.
There are three albums on Prince's own NPG (
New generation power generation)
Records distributed and sold by EMI.
Despite its large size, there are not many major American artists in the books of multinational corporations, which may be one of the reasons why they went to Paisley Park after he picked up the phone. The no-figures-
The above transaction was referred to by the company's Terou Santisi as a "strategic alliance" while introducing the first of the two ears
Play album tracks at EMI's Tokyo studio.
The people of the company lined up on their names --
Things always mean that he is an "artist" or an "artist" in a quiet, pious tone.
In the afternoon of the interview, the entire entourage of Prince was working nervously, except for Mr. Tyson and the ring to stand guard in the hotel corridor.
Someone gave me a seat to wait in the lobby under Mr Rings's nose.
Soon the Prince, with his head down, clapped with a bright bullet and walked into the room.
Five minutes later, he came out again, whispering in panic among his entourage.
I was brought into the room where the Australian radio player was willing to speak with his local statement.
The Prince pulled the plug after feeling his voice was too hoarse. -
Yes, the artist, formerly known as the Prince, sounds like an amphibious animal commonly known as a frog.
So he stopped Ken's interview and asked his escort to take the tape.
More control is not normal. come.
While I was waiting, a woman from the record company looked at my recording Walkman and told me that I was not allowed to do a print interview with tape, only pen and paper.
Well, my reporter's shorthand was good before-
The Prince's album is still at the same time, but it's still annoying.
I knew it might happen and was ready.
The front pocket of my jeans is the back pocket.
A miniature recorder.
When all kinds of caretakers come in and out with my Walkman, open it and hope it works properly, the big boys of the Prince don't ask me, it's a simple question, is it a miniature tape recorder in your pocket or are you just happy to meet us?
"In the end, he looked short.
Grumpy and short
A firm handshake
Oh no, the other one is sweating
Apparently he was thinking about the reporter.
The artist is doing his own research on facepaint-
Mascara, eyeliner, facial powder on this side of the geisha.
Oh, there is a pointed, sparkling part above his ears, which makes him look very space.
Or Mr. spook's mother.
His black top has a furry collar and his pants are lime
The greenest thing the human retina can handle, and so does his matching Winkelpickers.
He looks like a kitten with paint.
Or the most interesting licorice in the world. sort.
It is indeed surreal to see him up close.
After all, he might be the last one in the rock world.
In addition to the questions he had related to in 1996 --
What else is mysterious.
When he said his voice, his voice was lower than eight degrees and it was really bad
The consumption singing version may be suggested.
He laughed at a joke and said he finally agreed to speak, and it was ironic that his voice had other ideas.
Then we start with something simple, his mentality on the road to liberation.
This is a predictable response.
He was very excited about his record.
This is his first time to control his work from start to marketing and pricing.
This is not a contract with a record. He likes it.
So where does Warner's deal start to go wrong?
"Water is under the bridge.
I really appreciate it, contrary to what everyone believes.
I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't gone through everything I 've been through.
Nothing exciting.
They gave me a lot of opportunities.
They built a studio for me.
The best thing they did was to let me release the most beautiful girl in the world on my own, so I tasted freedom.
"There is a saying that the only people who know the true freedom are prisoners and artists.
"For those incomplete albums in recent years, is it a confusing moment for him to accept being a fan?
"Yes, this is also very confusing for me.
I want my friends and followers to understand that after all I have done to get here, I am completely free now.
I don't have to write like the Prince used to and have any restrictions on radio, singles, videos or something like that.
Everything is now determined by music and songs.
So, I think the tension is starting now.
There is air in the music.
"When I sing a song alone, it's fun for me.
I recorded all the instruments.
As a free person, I made a track and that person was very happy.
And then the bass track, that guy is very happy-
Not under contract-
The next person and the next person.
This is how I feel when I listen to music alone. And-
Then I looked up and I was done.
This is an amazing process.
"Even though it may sound bad, I would like to see that one day, whether it's a building, a car or a block, all people can do that.
What about our community?
What will we do in a perfect world of complete freedom? " Quite.
But frankly, some of us mortals may not understand how a person with multiple personalities is
Record contracts worth millions of dollars can be called slaves ".
"It's an institutional slavery that I write on my face.
Everything is relative, right?
You give a man a million dollars, he is a millionaire.
But there's still a higher way to go, isn't there?
You gave people like me everything he wanted, it was a studio, that's it, right?
I have nothing else to buy and nothing else to buy.
"If you say it to me.
"You can't do that, you can record an album every 18 months," and then you'll take some steps at this point.
You put a box around me.
"I did not compare myself to slaves of any other period.
I just use it as a term, there is a box around me, there are restrictions around me.
This record is liberating because if you listen to the old and know what I 've been through, you listen to this now and you'll see what a free person sounds like.
"The Prince digress to discuss posts about George Michael and him
Old lawsuit album.
"Mine is a bit different, there are a lot of things happening in my life, but I don't know what to do if I haven't experienced it. . .
What am I going to tell a kid who wants to sign one?
What will he do?
"We must have our masters, or our masters have us," he replied . "
"Master" refers to the master tape of the artist.
It's time to talk about the album.
It is worth noting that there are four cover versions.
_ Golly Wow filmed "Betcha" of "fashion" with singles and radio dramas on it.
Bonnie Wright's song, let you love me.
In the third album, La la stands for me to love you and the guitar --fired -
Accept the God of Joan Osborne
One of us was hit by 95. Why so many?
"This is my plan to give back to writers who have inspired me a lot.
I will always do the cover version.
This is because we can write songs without bureaucracy.
Give the money to the writer.
No six-month delay.
I made some progress from the record shop and I gave it to the writers.
Do you understand what I'm talking about?
Others who are not writers and creators, they build structures in different programs.
"From the feeling of some of the other tracks," Liberation "often sounds like a prince of his time, between" Purple Rain "and" time 0.
A little taste of the West Tower (
Old trademark)
"Can't Let You Love Me," and "the holy river" is a psychedelic rock epic with Springsteen in this album.
"Cool, this is the first time I have used some other instruments.
I used to tease Steve Wonder, "Why don't you take out the sticks and drums you used when you wipe everyone out ? "?
He has a lot of songs. He wants to hear something he hasn't heard before. So do I.
Going back to this will be redundant.
"I think, as a challenge to myself, 'I will try to write some new music with some old instruments that I haven't picked up like OB for a whileX [synthesiser]
My Horner guitar
"Three albums, though, aren't that much?
"Once you go for a ride, I think you will see it hold on.
I think this is the most cohesive record I have ever made.
"I want to sign the" 0 "of The Times into three consecutive titles.
My situation today is not what I want. pen.
I play all kinds of styles, I always do, it's hard to do everything you feel in an albumnine songs.
I just did too much.
"I don't want to add anything else to this album.
Each part of the record is an hour. . .
This is the challenge. This is the blueprint.
"I thought a lot about the way the pyramids were built.
They arrange everything into stars so that they can determine the date when they will build them.
I want an album that's scary in that sense.
In perfection, before I write a song, I start with the blueprint.
"But is the pyramid not built by slaves?
"Well, everything is relative," he said with a smile during the 15 minutes we spent together.
After about that, an employee of the company interrupted us and told us that there was another last question, that is, there were too few questions about 99.
The best way is to go for yourself.
Let him continue the bait inquiry.
Asked if he thought he was undervalued as a guitarist.
After all, there are some powerful things in the album)does the trick. 'Yeah.
I was told that Eric Clapton said his favorite song was the purple rain.
My praise for guitar is not as good as my praise for song creation or performance etc. I wish I did. . . who knows?
Because of your size-than-
The image of life hinders the way it is considered a musician? "No I'm tiny. . .
"But can you see how people find you weird?
"And," said Eric, "Either someone loves him or someone hates him," and I think it's best to do that, you know? Misunderstood.
"What's going on from nothing to nothing?
Interview policy to do so?
"I will continue the interview on record.
I like talking about it very much.
I'm going to visit this for several years. No like [in the past]
When I was told "The record was dead.
This is a completely different program.
"You once said that when someone like James Brown releases records every six months, Rock will be better when it's hungry.
What makes you like this?
"Waking up with another song is a curse and blessing.
You wake up after listening to another song and you know someone is still there to distribute them out.
Can you really refuse? Don't you dare.
I hope to do the same crap at his current pace, at 80, and by that age the Prince should have released about 60 albums. But that's it.
Another handshake took back Mr. Tyson's bait Walkman wrapped in a roll in the hallway outside.
Once in the elevator, quickly check if the pocket recorder is working. It has.
That night, the Prince hyped the plane and went on the road.
In a theater in the Harajuku boho area, he held a wedding for his overseas guests and hundreds of Japanese music media members.
He introduced more album tracks with his finger on the play button.
He said that the sexy piano ballad "Let's have a baby" was after buying a crib for the scheduled arrival, even before Garcia was pregnant.
The new world is a combination of technology and fear.
End and title track end in spoken language: "Free-
Don't think I'm not.
"Then there was a problem on the floor and there was a Japanese translation, although sometimes it was the Prince's translation --
Ese is also very convenient.
Most people who raise their hands are eager to express appreciation for his appearance and to be pleasantly surprised.
He was asked why he was talking now: "My wife convinced me.
This record means a lot to me.
I think it will be interesting this time. ,--
Critical records are not important for people, but help to understand what is happening in the records.
Not as bad as I thought.
"About what we should call him; "Your friend.
My friends don't call me because they are always with me.
The artist, formerly known as the Prince, became a joke in the United States.
I am called everything in my life.
I will give it to you.
I chose a name with no pronunciation.
If you want my respect, it's even more confusing if you're taken away by the Prince.
"Well, that would definitely clarify, wouldn't it?
With respect to his stated intention not to release anything
Things for the next three years: "I have been recording for many years.
It will be interesting to learn how to be a person, and this is part of it.
"Someone applauded, someone tried to get a standing ovation, which failed on the western = Eastern Line, and he went out from the back door.
A few hours later, it was in the Hard Rock Cafe, where he sat alone in the corner and asked the people in the bar to raise their necks and have a look. He looks tired.
It has been a long day as the artist who was previously called the Prince, and there will be more of this happening.
Ten minutes later, he was gone before nobody noticed him.
Footnote: The story was published on November 14, 1996.
Liberation was well received by fans and critics, although the second year EMI America label was blamed by some for spending on the Prince project as a contributing factor.
Unfortunately, Prince and Mette Garcia's son died a week after birth due to Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare skull defect.
The couple divorced in 1999.
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