sticker printing - epoxy sticker printing

by:ShunDing     2019-07-31
sticker printing  -  epoxy sticker printing
The sticker is an object that can be used from one side or both sides.
This is an outdoor promotional item.
The history of stickers will lead us into a process of art and design.
The era of stickers began when Egyptians sold products and tools.
Britain's defense military has also begun this trend.
Earlier, a colored gum paper was made and pasted in the desired location.
In a simple knowledge album, we have to say that chewing gum on one side that has a communication message can be a marketing tool, an advertising tool, or a business tool.
Stickers are the cheapest way to communicate or advertise with someone.
Infection it is also a decoration project for House, romantic purpose, lifestyle ideas, feelings, ideas, imagination, humanity, prosperity, ideological transfer.
In modern times, it is part of our calligraphy, art and design, fine arts, culture and entertainment.
Stickers can be part of communication on their own things, such: fun, humor, cartoons, games, news, advertising, chat, decor, windows, panels, wallpapers, templates, and websites.
This is the only compatible product with no fixed size.
It may be as small as a pixel, or it may be as big as the big logo of a multinational company. Using self-adhesive pre-
The perforated sticker artist can easily design and print thousands of stickers simply by connecting to a printer on a personal computer.
Sticker type: stickers are divided into the following pleasing forms: bumper sticker stickers involve huge categories such as wall stickers, car stickers, home stickers, photo stickers and poster stickers.
They have great charm in order to improve the slander of decorative items. Die-
Cut stickers they are the most famous and attractive type with no fixed size, shape and quality.
They have different styles, mainly attractive styles.
They bring great information to our business and marketing.
They are also very attractive to children in the form of cartoons.
Static paste stickers those used repeatedly on smooth materials such as glass and cars, home mirrors.
The best quality is that they have different shapes and can be reused.
In most cases, they are used to expose sales and profitable business.
There are three kinds of general stickers in stock: 1.
Sticker paper tray 2. Vinyl stock3.
The color strategy we use in sticker printing is called CMYK.
There are two kinds of laminate material on the sticker, gloss laminate and matte laminate.
The sleek look is a stylish look, and the matte look is a decent look.
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