wanted: good home for an old house - small brass name plates

by:ShunDing     2019-11-02
wanted: good home for an old house  -  small brass name plates
This proposal: your own historya 150-year-
Old stone farmhouse in North Oshawa.
See better days but still solid.
You say the price.
You pay to move it.
The House and eight other traditional houses, along with a variety of barns, silos and chicken houses, are located on the road that stretches along Highway 407 to the east of the Durham area.
As a result, the Ministry of Transport, which owns these properties, has issued a decree to either raise funds or raze the ground.
"The stone is big," warned Laurie McCulloch, a moving contractor . ".
"It's the heaviest, the hardest to load and the most expensive. ”How expensive?
Try $300,000 to ship the above Magner-
Not far from Robson's house.
But it's definitely worth it, says Cathy Clark, president of the city's historic heritage volunteer advisory council heritage Oshawa.
"This is an amazing history and a unique stone house that is still in a beautiful state," she said of the large homestead built in the 1860 s. Would-
Become a buyer of any vacant building by October.
31. Stephen Fagyas said, "based on what is valuable to them," he is dealing with sales for the department.
He said that the price will depend to a large extent on the cost of relocation, noting that bidders must prove that they have contacted a qualified moving company to understand the issues involved.
The shorter the distance, the better, says McCulloch Movers, his Whitby company, McCulloch, specializes in relocating historic buildings.
He cited price increases whenever overhead wires had to be removed.
He does not make a rough estimate, because once the house is lifted from the foundation to the wheel, there will be many variables to ship it to the new home --
Steel frame.
Wire, cable, high
He explained that tight water and electricity lines, road intersections, bridges and traffic lights are all obstacles that need to be negotiated before and during the move.
Then there are documents and licenses and you will not go anywhere without them. The 38-
Big old man-
The ticket mobile business describes the business as a union
Coordination, communication and clocks-
Obey the wonders of nature.
"Everything will be closed if you encounter a storm.
"Fagyas wants the building to be relocated in January.
2012, so the province can continue to implement plans to extend the toll road of 407 kilometers from Brok Road.
East of Pickering to Harmony Road.
In Oshawa by 2015.
Any building without a buyer will be sold and leftovers will be removed, he said.
But Fagyas, president of business focus consulting services, explained that MTO's "desire" is to see structures with different historical values put back into use
He has these listings on his company's website.
With this week's presentation, potential bidders need to move on. -MAGNER-
Robson house: ROCK SOLIDOne can only imagine how and where John Magner got the big granite blocks that helped form the walls of the magnificent HOUSE he built in the 1860 sThe Irish-
When the born farmer was 46 years old, he built a neo-classical styleand-a-half-
The log home of four people on Winchester road replaces the level farmhouse of his family. W.
North of Oshawa.
The house increased to 12 in 1891 and was sold to Charles Norman Robson of Robson leather. Ltd.
It was $6,500 in 1944.
The Oshawa leather factory provided boots and leather for the Canadian Army during the two world wars.
As a wealthy businessman in need of a rural holiday, Robson has carried out extensive renovations, including a stone extension, gable dormers, carved pineapple on the outer door and gun room.
He also built a pen for his peacock. A big post-and-
The beam barn boasts decorative elements such as delicate hinges and bars on large stalls, and now missing horse brass nameplates.
Neglected Magner in recent years-
However, Robson House is an impressive building that was designated as a heritage site in 2004.
Bought by the province in 1995 and recently occupied by tenants.
The leaking roof gives the basement a musty smell, but it doesn't cause problems for the new owner --
It will be left behind when the house moves.
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