your good health: kidney treatment still awaiting long clinical trial - personalized metal plates

by:ShunDing     2019-12-01
your good health: kidney treatment still awaiting long clinical trial  -  personalized metal plates
Dear Dr.
Roach: I recently read an article published by the Broad Institute, which claims a breakthrough in the treatment of progressive kidney disease.
It points out that experiments on rats cause disease progression to stop and, in some cases, reverse.
It also pointed out that human trials will be carried out in the next step.
Do you have any additional information about this important news? E. L.
Thank you for your letter.
The article you refer to is published in the journal Science.
The researchers were able to identify a compound (called AC1903)
This protects the kidneys of mice with kidney diseases that are similar to those of human chronic kidney diseases.
This is very exciting.
However, it may take several years for clinical data to be available, or it may take ten years or more for general use.
Although very good results have been achieved in animal models, many promising drugs have failed in human trials.
Drugs used to prevent problems require very high certainty before they are widely used and demonstrate that slowing the progress of kidney disease requires long-term clinical trials. Dear Dr.
Roach: in June, I read the story of a 63-year-old girl with great interest. year-
The old woman who broke her wrist
I'm a surgical consultant in the United States. K.
, This is how I approach the answer: the fracture is a fracture caused by a soft tissue injury (
Skin, ligaments, nerves, etc. ).
Fractures must be important enough and surgery is needed to align the bones in the correct anatomy, but the soft tissue still has to heal.
Many of these fractures are caused by soft, loose bones.
Functionally, these cracks are very good and common.
The constant stiffness may be due to scars around the joint, or it is actually a scar on the metal plate itself.
Unfortunately, however, stiffness is not uncommon and may take months to resolve and may be permanent.
After a fracture of the wrist, chronic local pain syndrome may occur.
It is pain, swelling, stiffness and skin changes that can last for several years and sometimes require intensive treatment and pain intervention. The injection [
A loose injection received by the reader on her wrist]
It is a minimally invasive treatment that may be helpful, but not in this case.
Local pain is controlled according to her normal anatomy, and removal of metal work and arthroscopic scar release may improve the situation. G. S. I thank Mr.
Shyamalan's response (in the U. K.
The surgeon is called Mr. ”).
Several other experts mentioned chronic regional pain syndrome after fracture in the letter, which I should mention and suggest consultation with pain-
Management experts, especially since early intervention is key to a good outcome for the disease. Dr.
Roach regretted that he was unable to answer individual letters, but would include them in the column where possible.
Readers can consult your health by email. cornell. edu.
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