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Dongguan stereo metal sign electroforming factory- Design

corrosion is generally not throughout the entire surface, but at or around the defect. Directional curing: a very strong super heat-resistant alloy with excellent fatigue resistance can be produced and poured into the model, and then the heating and cooling processes are strictly controlled, in order to eliminate any small defects plastic forming plastic forming processing: refers to the high temperature heating of the forming metal for re-modeling, which is a labor-intensive production. Plastic Molding classification: Forging: it is a simple and ancient metal molding process to shape metal by beating and squeezing under the conditions of cold working or high temperature operation. Binding: the high-temperature metal blank section passes through several continuous cylindrical rollers, which tie the metal into the mold to obtain the preset shape.

Dongguan stereo metal sign electroforming factory- The metal particles are designed to be sintered and formed by high temperature heating. This process does not require machine processing, and the utilization rate of raw materials can reach 97%. Different metal powders can be used to fill different parts of the mold. Solid molding solid molding processing: refers to the raw materials used are some metal strips, sheets and other solid forms that can be molded at normal temperature.

Hot Melt Adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive, which has no viscosity at normal temperature. It needs to be heated to above 120 ℃ by a hot press, and only when the glue dissolves can it have viscosity, it has odorless properties and belongs to environmentally friendly chemical products. It has the characteristics of high adhesion, strong adhesion, etc. It is often used on the surface of leather goods, digital products, household appliances, etc. , like double-sided tape, and is generally attached to the overall metal label, such as stainless steel signs, electroforming thick standards, etc!

roof sign: refers to a plate-shaped live cube-shaped or magic sign that is set on the roof of a building and hung or pasted on it. Column signs: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional signs marked on some fixed structures on the ground. Sudden sign: a sign that protrudes on the wall surface of a building and is used as a carrier on both sides except for the whole side of the building or when there are walls on both sides.

Features of stainless steel: Making of stainless steel signs; Stainless steel signs are generally made of 201, 202 and 304 stainless steel, and the manufacturing process is corrosive (Also known as 'etching '), Engraving, laser, silk screen, etc. Under the conditions of exquisite modern surface style and extremely high precision requirements, etching process is often used in the manufacture of stainless steel signs, the etched surface has the characteristics of concave-convex stereoscopic impression, smooth surface and high precision. Stable chemical reaction structure; Stainless steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

comparison of advantages and disadvantages between the two: stainless steel label has stable structure, firmness and durability, and is not easy to deform; Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, and is not easy to rust. Aluminum plate is light in weight, unstable in structure, easy to deform and rust, poor in oxidation resistance and easy to corrode. The stainless steel material has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the surface style looks more upscale and is often used for high value-added commodity decoration.

metal plane signs are usually made by screen printing or color printing, the metal signs made by the printing process are very colorful and very high-grade, however, there is also a disadvantage that the paint on the metal surface falls off due to external scraping during installation or transportation. Therefore, in this context, sign makers use a layer of film on the metal sign to protect the paint on the surface of the metal sign, remove the film when ensuring that the metal plate is 'safe. Metal flat signs are usually made by screen printing or color printing technology, and the metal signs made by printing technology are very colorful and high-grade, however, there is also a disadvantage that the paint on the metal surface falls off due to external scraping during installation or transportation.

small signage nameplates are not made of aluminum, because products such as logo signage nameplates made of aluminum are not as delicate as stainless steel, the gloss is relatively poor, and the surface of the aluminum label is easily scratched and polished. Stainless steel sign stainless steel sign stainless steel sign its material is 304 stainless steel, has good resistance to atmospheric and freshwater medium corrosion performance, and through corrosion, polishing, drawing after the decorative effect is very high-grade and beautiful. Stainless steel signs are generally divided into concave signs, convex signs and concave-convex signs.

high wear-resistant micro-deformation cold deformation die steel is represented by Cr12Mov type, which is a high-performance cold deformation die steel widely used abroad. Cr12Mov is an improved Cr12 steel. The carbon content is too high, resulting in serious uneven large bulk carbides. Cr12Mov steel is characterized by high wear resistance and hardenability. It is a micro-deformation cold blanking die. The main material of cold heading die is still widely used in general factories. The modified material has high hardness and high wear resistance, high hardenability, especially small deformation after heat treatment, good filing performance during pliers processing, is still widely used in blanking forming dies, drawing dies and other dies.

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