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by:ShunDing     2020-07-20
Huizhou metal sign logo electroforming factory design

More than 95% of the badges are stamping and die casting process, these two processes can be used to make some badges with a very three-dimensional feeling, especially die-casting is suitable for Super three-dimensional or 3D three-dimensional badges. During the '12th Five-Year Plan' period, China will change the development mode of hardware industry. On the premise of saving resources, reducing consumption, protecting the environment and improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, continue to maintain the orderly, healthy and rapid growth of the industry, and strive to transform China from a hardware manufacturing power to a hardware manufacturing power. In the early days, it was made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, hence its name.

The chemical stability of the design material of Huizhou metal sign logo electroforming factory itself: stainless steel has the properties of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. , and is affected by the chemical structure of stainless steel, in harsh environments, such as high temperature, wet and cold, and long-term exposure to rainwater, stainless steel signs can still remain bright and beautiful for a long time without deformation. In short, it is characterized by strong annual use and not easy to deform. In the choice of making metal signs, stainless steel and aluminum are very common metal materials, so what is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials?

comparison of advantages and disadvantages between the two: stainless steel plate has stable structure, firmness and durability, and is not easy to deform; Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, and is not easy to rust. Aluminum plate is light in weight, unstable in structure, easy to deform and rust, poor in oxidation resistance and easy to corrode. The stainless steel material has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the surface style looks more upscale and is often used for high value-added commodity decoration.

This type of sign is characterized by waterproof, low price and mass production. It can be directly pasted with neutral glass glue and paint surface. The disadvantage is that the appearance is not as delicate as metal signs. Aluminum Alloy sign aluminum alloy sign is a popular material in 1990s, aluminum. Compared with traditional materials, it does not rust, has light volume and low cost. The big signs we usually see outside, the signs are all made of aluminum alloy, such as the signs on the road, and some cards are also made of aluminum alloy.

while the metal ions in the metal salt lose electrons and become positive metal ions, gradually move and deposit on the original mode of the cathode, and form an appropriate thickness (Thin Standard thin can reach 0. 04mm). The application range of nickel sheet label products is very wide. The thickness of nickel sheet thin label can be controlled at 0 on products such as mobile phone case, protective cover, electronic digital product case, home appliance product case, gift box outer package, etc. 05-0. Within the range of, the surface can be used for wire drawing, netting, vacuum plating and oil injection.

SiMnMo series Graphite Steel is characterized by high Si content. Under the action of strong graphitization element Si, part of carbon exists in graphitization state, which makes steel have self-lubricating effect, high bite resistance, good machinability and wear resistance, small heat treatment deformation and stable size. SiMnMo steel is used to make bending, stretching and punching dies with strict surface quality requirements, which can significantly improve the quality of punching parts.

For example, 6W6Mo5Cr4V2, the specific heat treatment process is quenching heating temperature 1160-1180 ℃, after cooling, after 550- Tempering at 570 ℃ for three times, hardness Rc60- 63, used for cold extrusion punch or cold heading punch can double the service life. Matrix Steel: Matrix Steel is another way to improve the toughness of high speed steel. Compared with high speed steel, Matrix Steel has few excess carbides and fine carbide particles, the distribution is uniform, so the impact toughness and fatigue strength are better than that of high speed steel, while maintaining good wear resistance. Matrix Steel successfully developed and popularized in China.

receiving engineering drawings according to CDR, AI or cad format engineering drawings provided by customers, according to size, color, thickness, glue and other process requirements to order, logo design in the drawings any line size width shall not be less than 0. 25mm (For example, the I word is only 0. , Then the drawings must be changed, or communicate with the customer to change the size, otherwise the size is too small, it is difficult to take it down during the shipping process, resulting in the improvement of defective products) After confirming the drawings, we will first make samples and send samples to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation by the customer, the order will be made.

out of the film: the film is the transliteration of the film. It is used for printing and plate making. The printing is called film, film, film, and is used for printing, in the past, the printing was a lead plate. Now it is arranged on the computer and then out of the film. The printed content is on the film, and then the content on the film is exposed to the steel plate through the exposure of the plate machine.

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