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by:ShunDing     2020-01-04
The name tag that can be reused is blank, or only the company logo or some kind of logo.
The material can be metal (
Aluminum or brass), Plastic pvc (
Credit card material or 1/16 or 1/32 of plastic that can be engraved or printable-
The core of the plastic or thickest part is a color, while the thin layer at the top of the name badge is another color or actual label color.
Logo and/or name can be applied in several different ways: 1.
Screen printing, push the color to the applicable surface using special paint and transparent screen. 2.
Hot stamping is a hot press that presses the metal die-casting of the logo on the surface of the material with heat. 3.
Hot printing, usually on a card machine similar to printing a driver\'s license.
The five-color panel applies a logo of one color at a time, and then places a protective overlay;
In this way, heat is also the main source of transmission. 4.
Engraving, whether rotating or laser-capable, can be etched from the surface of the material to reveal the core of the plastic.
Usually engraving is not done on metal.
The plastic name label is usually made on polystyrene or pvc-style plastic, and can also use the carved-style plastic, which is a bit fashionable.
There are two major manufacturers of carved plastic (
Rowmark and innovative plastics).
When you order your name badge, you are required to use both styles of plastic.
The metal name label is mainly created on aluminum or brass materials.
The most commonly used method is to heat-print the metal with a protective covering layer.
This overlay has been saved in the image for many years.
Screen printing can be used, but the image will wear out over time, but the result may be good.
The dome name label is usually a plastic holder for paper insertion, not a transparent dome style cover that breaks with the holder.
In some cases, paper can be replaced with plastic or metal.
The magnetic name tag can be a name tag for any style.
The magnetism itself adheres to the back of the metal or plastic name badge.
The way most photo IDs are created is the way state-to-state dmv is set up in its government building.
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