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Qingdao metal electroforming patch manufacturer- Integrity

why do most customers say that the stainless steel badge is not stainless steel? Because there are many processes that cannot be achieved by using stainless steel to make badges, stainless steel generally only makes some etching or printing processes, and both processes are basically flat, or the etching is only slightly concave and convex, so that the effect that the customer wants cannot be achieved, and it will inevitably be completed by stamping or die casting, but both processes cannot be made of stainless steel. It belongs to labor-intensive production. The cost of processing can be relatively low. Solid forming processing classification spinning: A very common processing method for producing circular symmetrical parts, such as dishes, cups and cones. During processing, push the high-speed rotating metal plate closer to the model on the same rotating and fixed lathe to obtain the preset shape. This process is suitable for batch production.

Qingdao metal electroforming patch manufacturer- Integrity, affected by its chemical structure, chemical structure is stable compared to aluminum material. Under the same conditions and environment, stainless steel is not easy to oxidize and rust. Therefore, most of the users who need to keep the signs bright and beautiful for a long time under the conditions of long-term outdoor exposure to rainwater or wet, cold and high temperature environment choose to use stainless steel materials. In short, the stainless steel sign is characterized by durability and not easy to deform. Characteristics of aluminum signs: in terms of manufacturing process, the manufacturing of aluminum signs is much simpler and more convenient than that of stainless steel signs.

comparison of advantages and disadvantages between the two: stainless steel plate has stable structure, firmness and durability, and is not easy to deform; Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, and is not easy to rust. Aluminum plate is light in weight, unstable in structure, easy to deform and rust, poor in oxidation resistance and easy to corrode. The stainless steel material has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the surface style looks more upscale and is often used for high value-added commodity decoration.

these signs that can be seen everywhere are made of different materials and processes, the focus of this article is also to introduce the material classification of signs and their main application fields, so that you can distinguish different materials when purchasing signs and have a general understanding of the process and cost. Plastic signs plastic signs we usually see outside electric cars, bicycles are used to plastic signs, hotels and other public places can also see a lot of plastic signs, as well as plastic business cards and so on. Plastic signs are generally made of plastic and screen printed.

technological process of making nickel sheet label II. Cleaning steel plate and steel plate is the carrier when making nickel label. Steel plate can be recycled, and one plate can be repeatedly electroplated 2000 times, each reuse must be cleaned and polished. Operation Guidance: The operator turns on the switch of the grinding machine and holds the stainless steel plate with both hands to make it close to the nylon wheel; Move left and right up and down, polish the stainless steel to make it bright and flat, and visually check the surface for nickel spots, letter marks and scraping. Polished stainless steel is placed in clear water to avoid oxidation of stainless steel plates.

Qingdao metal electroforming patch manufacturer- Integrity, brush insulation ink: the operator takes a 200 mesh clean screen and places it on the printing machine, and debugs it. Set the printing position and seal the position that does not need printing with adhesive tape; Take a proper amount of photosensitive oil, pour it onto the screen board, and adjust the ink evenly with scraping to facilitate printing. Take a plate of stainless steel plate and place it on the printing platform, cover the net plate, scrape it once on the net plate coated with glue, and return the ink once (Seal the glue at the printing position); During the printing process, visually check the steel plate for yarn eyes at any time ,; If any, clean the net with washing water in time.

The operator puts the electroformed stainless steel flat on the working table, and cuts the OPP protective film with appropriate size to the surface. Light fold (Bending) Stainless steel plate to separate electroformed products from stainless steel. The glue brushing operator takes an 80-mesh clean screen and places it on the printing machine, and debugs it. Seal the position that does not need printing with gummed paper.

after the design of a complete identification system is completed, we often have relevant labels related to the process in the construction drawing of the identification system. These labels directly determine the final effect and quality of the signboard. As the demand side, we can also learn more about this knowledge and better achieve the common goals of the demand side and the production and construction side (Make a Perfect signboard).

spray painting is a painting method that uses an air compressor to spray color pigments onto the screen. Its advantage is that the color particles are delicate and soft, the light processing is subtle and the material is vivid and vivid. Flat Panel printing is a high-tech digital printing equipment of ink-jet printing type that 'does not contact with objects'. It can print color patterns on the surface of any material, whether simple block color patterns or full color patterns, or a pattern with a transitional color can be printed at one time.

moisture-proof design since a large number of signboards are outdoors, the internal structure of signboards in areas with humid air is easily affected, for example, metal materials are easy to rust, light box structure is easy to cause leakage and other potential safety hazards. Therefore, Changsha aioni will use moisture-proof design. L sand blasting sand blasting is divided into dry spray and wet spray. Dry Spray is mainly used for derusting and surface treatment.

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