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Shenzhen metal sign wholesale major

Shenzhen metal labelwholesale major, the design of identification system will become an important medium for communication between people and space and between people and environment, it will be an important facility to guide people to reach their destinations quickly and effectively in strange spaces. It includes providing necessary sexual reports, words, graphics, and sounds for walkers on the streets, such as billboards (Cards, signboards, tour guides, etc)Information identification for guiding the direction of the vehicle, etc. As the world's steel producer and the world's most populous country, China has the advantage of low cost of raw materials and labor for manufacturing hardware products. In recent years, China's exports of hardware products have maintained a stable growth trend, china has become the world's major exporter of hardware products, and it is expected that the annual export volume will remain at 10-15% growth. The analysis report on the development prospect and strategic planning of hardware products industry shows that in 2010, China's hardware products industry recovered throughout the year. In general, the hardware products industry is running well, the growth momentum of domestic and foreign sales is obvious, the import and export is growing at a high speed, and various economic indicators have basically returned to the previous level.

The appearance design of metal signs generally requires many factors such as humanization, standardization, coordination between products and environment, etc. What are the factors that affect the appearance design of metal signs. Humanized factors the appearance design of metal signs should be combined with the actual situation, sensory vision, and design according to local conditions, reflecting the people-oriented concept and improving customer satisfaction, such: the sign design of scenic spots should reflect the service concept of humanization, individuation and characteristic on the whole and in detail, so as to greatly enhance the reputation of scenic spots.

Shenzhen metal signs wholesale professional

so in the process of using metal signs, what are the types of glue commonly used? How is the glue correct and what type of sign or product is used? In the use of metal signs, we often use four kinds of glue: water glue, hot melt glue, back glue and four-dimensional glue. Water glue is a kind of liquid glue. The surface is colorless and transparent, and it is not easy to turn yellow. It is an environment-friendly chemical. It has good adhesive strength at normal temperature and is convenient to use. The release paper that tears the label can be directly attached to the product; Commonly used in electronic digital products, furniture, gift boxes, household appliances and other products.

Shenzhen metal sign wholesale specialty, aluminum plate is cheaper than stainless steel plate, and because the manufacturing process of aluminum sign is relatively simple and fast, there is no complicated manufacturing process of stainless steel sign, therefore, the production cost is also low. Metal signs are signs that can be seen everywhere in our daily life and can be found in many products or places; For example: mobile phones, computers, electronic digital products, household appliances, gift box packaging, bags, leather goods, cards, indication signs, etc. Commodity decoration: for example, the sign decoration of electronic products, household appliances, luggage, gift boxes and other commodities highlights the cultural concept given by the Enterprise to the commodities and a quality hint given to customers, let people think of the company and the products produced by the company as soon as they see the trademark.

these signs that can be seen everywhere are made of different materials and processes, the focus of this article is also to introduce the material classification of signs and their main application fields, so that you can distinguish different materials when purchasing signs and have a general understanding of the process and cost. Plastic signs plastic signs we usually see outside electric cars, bicycles are used to plastic signs, hotels and other public places can also see a lot of plastic signs, as well as plastic business cards and so on. Plastic signs are generally made of plastic and screen printed.

Shenzhen metal sign wholesale specialty, such as 6W6Mo5Cr4V2, the specific heat treatment process is quenching heating temperature 1160-1180 ℃, after cooling, after 550- Tempering at 570 ℃ for three times, hardness Rc60- 63, used for cold extrusion punch or cold heading punch can double the service life. Matrix Steel: Matrix Steel is another way to improve the toughness of high speed steel. Compared with high speed steel, Matrix Steel has few excess carbides and fine carbide particles, the distribution is uniform, so the impact toughness and fatigue strength are better than that of high speed steel, while maintaining good wear resistance. Matrix Steel successfully developed and popularized in China.

The basic principle of electroforming is to use the original mold made according to the required shape as the cathode and the electroforming material as the anode, put them together in the same metal salt solution as the anode material and pass direct current. Under the action of electrolysis, a metal electroforming layer is gradually deposited on the surface of the original mold, and the metal electroforming layer is taken out of the solution after reaching the required thickness, and the electroforming layer is separated from the original mold, the metal parts corresponding to the shape of the original mold are obtained. The stability of nickel plating layer in air is very high. Due to the strong passivation ability of metal nickel, a very thin passivation film can be rapidly formed on the surface to resist the corrosion of atmosphere, alkali and some acids.

out of the film: the film is the transliteration of the film. It is used for printing and plate making. The printing is called film, film, film, and is used for printing, in the past, the printing was a lead plate. Now it is arranged on the computer and then out of the film. The printed content is on the film, and then the content on the film is exposed to the steel plate through the exposure of the plate machine.

take the film and stick it to stainless steel. Be careful not to stick it backwards when attaching it. The side of the film is facing down and placed on the glass; Turn on the lamp tube, vacuumizing time is 25±5 seconds, and exposure time is 28±3 seconds; The exposure is completed and transported to the development workshop via the transmission output port. Development: The operator dips the exposed stainless steel plate into the developing liquid and puts 4 ~ 6 tablets.

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