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by:ShunDing     2020-07-30
Zhongshan waterproof label manufacturer-Design

Zhongshan waterproof label manufacturer- Design, why are the badge manufacturers not very willing to recommend stainless steel badges?

Why are Badge manufacturers not very willing to recommend stainless steel badges? In fact, the main point is that the accessories on the back of the stainless steel badge do not need to be welded with tin, but are usually glued. Imagine how fast the glued parts will be. There is no need to say more here. In the early days, it was made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, hence its name. In addition to metal materials, non-metallic materials such as plastics and glass fibers are widely used. According to the data of 'analysis report on development prospect and strategic planning of hardware products industry', in 2010, China's hardware products industry recovered throughout the year. In general, the hardware products industry is running well, the growth momentum of domestic and foreign sales is obvious, the import and export is growing at a high speed, and various economic indicators have basically returned to the previous level.

It belongs to labor-intensive production. The cost of processing can be relatively low. Solid forming processing classification spinning: A very common processing method for producing circular symmetrical parts, such as dishes, cups and cones. During processing, push the high-speed rotating metal plate closer to the model on the same rotating and fixed lathe to obtain the preset shape. This process is suitable for batch production.

Zhongshan waterproof label manufacturer- Design

The appearance design of metal signs should generally pay attention to various factors such as humanization, standardization, coordination between products and environment, etc, what are the factors that affect the appearance design of metal signs. Humanized factors the appearance design of metal signs should be combined with the actual situation, sensory vision, and design according to local conditions, reflecting the people-oriented concept and improving customer satisfaction, such: the sign design of scenic spots should reflect the service concept of humanization, individuation and characteristic on the whole and in detail, so as to greatly enhance the reputation of scenic spots.

Zhongshan waterproof label manufacturer- Design, then in the use of metal signs, what types of glue are commonly used? How is the glue correct and what type of sign or product is used? In the use of metal signs, we often use four kinds of glue: water glue, hot melt glue, back glue and four-dimensional glue. Water glue is a kind of liquid glue. The surface is colorless and transparent, and it is not easy to turn yellow. It is an environment-friendly chemical. It has good adhesive strength at normal temperature and is convenient to use. The release paper that tears the label can be directly attached to the product; Commonly used in electronic digital products, furniture, gift boxes, household appliances and other products.

chemical stability of the material itself: stainless steel has the properties of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. Affected by the chemical structure of stainless steel, in harsh environment, such as: high temperature, wet and cold, long-term exposure to rain medium environment, stainless steel signs can still maintain bright and bright for a long time, no deformation. In short, it is characterized by strong annual use and not easy to deform. In the choice of making metal signs, stainless steel and aluminum are very common metal materials, so what is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials?

Zhongshan waterproof label manufacturer- Design, aluminum plate is cheaper than stainless steel plate, and because the manufacturing process of aluminum plate is relatively simple and fast, there is no complicated manufacturing process of stainless steel plate, so the manufacturing cost is also relatively low. Metal signs are signs that can be seen everywhere in our daily life and can be found in many products or places; For example: mobile phones, computers, electronic digital products, household appliances, gift box packaging, bags, leather goods, cards, indication signs, etc. Commodity decoration: for example, the sign decoration of electronic products, household appliances, luggage, gift boxes and other commodities highlights the cultural concept given by the Enterprise to the commodities and a quality hint given to customers, let people think of the company and the products produced by the company as soon as they see the trademark.

The manufacturing process of nickel sheet thin target is to use the cathode deposition phenomenon in the electrochemical process to carry out molding processing, I . e. the conductive original mold is used as the cathode, using Electroformed Metal as anode and metal salt solution of electroforming material as electroforming solution, under the action of direct current, the metal plate at anode will gradually dissolve into metal ions, it is continuously added to the electroforming solution to keep the concentration of the electroforming solution balanced.

high wear-resistant micro-deformation cold deformation die steel is represented by Cr12Mov type, which is a high-performance cold deformation die steel widely used abroad. Cr12Mov is an improved Cr12 steel. The carbon content is too high, resulting in serious uneven large bulk carbides. Cr12Mov steel is characterized by high wear resistance and hardenability. It is a micro-deformation cold blanking die. The main material of cold heading die is still widely used in general factories. The modified material has high hardness and high wear resistance, high hardenability, especially small deformation after heat treatment, good filing performance during pliers processing, is still widely used in blanking forming dies, drawing dies and other dies.

W18Cr4V (1220 ℃-Heating and quenching at 1250 ℃), W6Mo5Cr4V2 (Use 1170 ℃-1190 ° C) The mould treated by low temperature heating and quenching has high plastic deformation resistance, high hardness and wear resistance; There is enough blade property. Practice has proved that the punch quenched at low temperature can significantly prolong the service life and greatly reduce the fracture accident of the punch. Ductile cold deformation die steel some cold extrusion dies and cold heading Dies need to bear high strength and high impact toughness, while ordinary high speed steel and high carbon chromium rigid parts are easy to brittle break or break, and the dies need to have high strength and toughness, it can be divided into two categories: Carbon High speed steel: W series or Mo series high speed steel with carbon content reduced to 0. 5-0. 6%, increase the toughness of the treated steel.

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