national horse show will open tuesday - trophy name plates

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national horse show will open tuesday  -  trophy name plates
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Vince Holly, 10. M.
On Tuesday, a 4-foot mail coach, horn, will be heard calling for an 8-day run at the 91 st National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden.
Four teams, each with four riders, plus individuals from West Germany, Ireland and Puerto Rico, are participating in the international jumping competition.
Britain made its first national appearance in five years and won the championship in 1973.
Although Harvey Smith, who won the personal Crown, did not return, the team is strong.
Led by former world champions David Bloom and Graham Fletcher, Peter Robertson and John Greenwood.
The American Equestrain team, coached by Bert de nemissey, lined up with five Olympic performers, Frank chapter, and three newcomers, as captain --
Brown, Murphy and Hardy.
The French advertising company, which has not been represented nationwide for 22 years, is represented by the wife.
World Women's champion Janou Tissot;
Commander Pierre Durand, Hubert Palot, and Michelle Roach.
The Canadian advertising agency will send Harold Bannister, Kelly Hall Holland, Ian Miller, and John Simpson.
The three riders were Edward campien, commander of the Irish Army equality school since 1958;
Hendrick Snoek of West Germany is the number one rider in Dublin as a college student, and Juan Reickehoff of Puerto Rico is South America
Brown in South SalemY.
He is the youngest member of the United States. S. E. T.
Last summer he rode in Europe with the team and led Siandsablaze to an Irish trophy in Dublin.
Murphy, 28, is from Tcaloosa, Alabama.
It is the product of de Nemethy's nationwide screening test.
Hadi, 27, is from Dong Molin, who is ill.
His team made their debut in Washington.
Last summer at the men's world championships in Hicks Teide, England, the third-ranked charport has replaced Rodney Jenkins as a member of the national team.
The change will enable red hair professionals from Virginia to fulfill their promises in the garden to the owners he regularly rides.
Michelle McVay will take Sundancer in the open jumper division.
Last year, the 5-foot 92-pound equestrian player was the show's leading public jumper.
This time, she will have to beat Jenkins on idle dice, which many see as the most successful jump shot in the history of the American horse show;
Spy number one and Antal
Crocodile Farm of sympatico also was classified as open-jumper department he last year create the 7 feet 4 inch of performance record.
Little Tony d Ambrosiois his rider. Mr. and Mrs.
Honour of Kenneth Wheeler, Va.
, Has entered a special Enter tainer in the fine-harness department.
Monty Scott, owned by Pa New Wilmington.
It's another top horse.
Advertising Gozzi and Mrs. winter FarmGene.
Cunningham's Jag is a major contender for the regular professional hunter title, and Vim, owned by Cismont Manor Farm and 4h stables, is the leader in the regular professional hunter division.
The saddle match with Julianne schmutz in Lexington, Kentucky was extremely fierce.
, Dealing with the Division of Forest songs in three aspects and thinking in five aspects.
The other leaders of the walking, trotting and jogging groups are blani stone, and Arthur Simons and gentle tears will be riding by Ben Sekara.
In the outside lobby shopping center of the garden, there will be small shops selling all the goods from customized small chapters to the nameplate of the horse Booth;
There are pirated exhibitions, horse shops, sculptures and blacksmiths.
A highlight is the mini jump course.
A version of this file will be printed on page 10 of the New York edition on November 3, 1974, with the title: the National Horse Show will open on Tuesday.
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